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Sunday 2 February 2014

A result, at last!

Benno and I were back at our "day ticket" venue for another session after the perch. We gave it the best part of an hour at the "Specimen Lake" before deciding that the carp lads had the best swims tied up and we were wasting our efforts. We quickly made plans and moved to one of the smaller pools - where we had the place to ourselves.
Benno continued to use his successful method of float fished lob-worm, over a carpet of freebies, topped up by regular introductions of maggots. I chose to keep both of my rods set up with running rigs, incorporating a cage/open ended feeder and baited with prawn and worm. My homemade ground bait was simple breadcrumb which was flavoured, coloured and supplemented with a generous helping of dendrabena worms - of which I have an inexhaustible supply in the compost heap besides my aviary. My hook baits were lob-worms which I had collected from the garden; a rather satisfying pastime for an angler.
The weather forecast was for bright sunshine but, it didn't prove to be too accurate and we enjoyed frequent periods of heavy cloud cover and intermittent rainfall - almost text book perfect?
A very welcome fish - in superb condition.
Ben continued to give me a masterclass in the finer points of perch fishing; he ended the morning with five fish to 1lbs 9oz, all on the float (with a centre-pin). My fortunes were a little different - I missed the first bite. A classic slow lift on the swing arm and had to admit that I was, at least, demonstrating my consistency. At 10.10hrs, however, one of my Optonics signalled another bite and, at last, found myself attached to a rather lively fish. Benno suggested it might be a small carp, but I felt sure that it wasn't, although unable to believe I might be playing a perch. After a very spirited battle, Benno slid the net under a fine perch which, on inspection, weighed in at 2lbs 6oz. My fourth over 2lbs and from a new venue - I was made up. We fished on until just after mid-day with no more action. I couldn't care less, I have achieved my first target - now for a 3lb+ specimen. Neither of us has any evidence, apart from hearsay, that a fish of this stamp actually exists within the complex - we are, however, very happy to keep looking as the fishery is a lovely place to spend time whilst we await the RMC to return to something close to normality.

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