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Monday, 11 November 2013

Time for reflection?

The eleventh hour, on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month - the alarm sounded the start for the two minute silence at Fujifilm SIS, Pyson's Road factory. It was observed immaculately by the guys with which I work, not that all agree with this symbolic ritual (at least they have the decency not to spoil it for those, of us, who do.) It was equally respected at all of the sporting fixtures which took place over the weekend - the religious services were well attended at various memorials around the entire UK - We will remember them! Next year marks the centenary of the start of the "Great War" - what has humanity learnt in the 100 years since this conflict? - not a great deal in my view. Civilisation might have created some basic standards of behaviour - as a species we're still way off the mark of civil respect and co-existence (Axyl Rose - "What's civil about war anyway?") I wear my poppy with great pride; I have several friends who have kids serving with the armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, plus one who saw service during the crazy days of the "Irish" un-rest (Civil War in everything but name) I have never been brave enough to take up arms in the name of King or country, but I am forever indebted to those who have taken the King's shilling and placed themselves in danger in order to protect the very fabric of the UK. Those things that I hold dearest to my heart. My ability to speak freely, to think as an individual, to be a non-conformist without fear of prosecution or demonisation. Take a look at the situation in North Korea - 80 people executed for watching South Korean TV!!!!
In this "green and pleasant land" we have an awful lot to be grateful for - none the least; our freedom of expression. "GET OFF THE SOAP BOX YOU HIPPY TWAT!!!" (Factory speak!)
Always a nice distraction whilst awaiting a bite from the pike of the RMC.
More often heard, than seen, Water Rail are a very welcome sighting.
My postings have been conspicuous by their absence recently, purely because I've nothing to say. I've been back down to the RMC a couple of times, getting some action - although nothing big - on both occasions. Birding around my Newland's Farm patch has been dire. The garden feeding station has also been a struggle - a day list wouldn't reach 10 species! I suppose I should be grateful for what I've got - not envious of what others have? 
A Rock Pipit in Ramsgate Harbour.
An example of "A. petrosus" - as to be expected given the location?

Rock Pipit at Dumpton Gap
An example of "A. littoralis" Scandinavian Rock Pipit?

How many guys can claim such an image from their workplace?
One, of hundreds, of Waxwings that were present around the Fujifilm SIS factory, during the 2010/11 winter
 period - this individual taking a drink from the water contained within the lid of a 200 ltr drum inside the yard.

I am very happy with the way my life is evolving - being a grand-dad has some sobering downsides, but many more ups! Bev and I are in the middle of arranging her mum's 80th birthday bash - Pegwell Bay Hotel (watch this space) So many things that I once thought to be important have been given a reality slap. Rememberance Day - time for reflection about so much more than war!!

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