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Friday, 29 November 2013

A bit of an up-date

It's been a funny old week in the simple world that I inhabit. We have a major problem with our car, a £3,500 type of problem and are in the midst of attempting to get Perry's (of Canterbury) to rectify this, just 14 weeks after they sold it to us. Trading Standards and the Ombudsman might well be required before the situation is ended satisfactorily - we'll see?

I had the good fortune to witness 5 Waxwings fly, SW,  over the yard on Tuesday morning and, today, have seen the first Merlin of the winter, as one flashed over the cauliflowers beside Pyson's Road. While I was on my main break, the largest flock of Golden Plover I have ever seen at Newland's, flew high SSW, en route to Pegwell? As the weather closed in, two Lapwings flapped lazily eastwards, dropping down onto the ploughed field behind our garden. Having been bemoaning the lack of birds recently, these encounters are instrumental in understanding the enjoyment that patch watchers are able to derive from seemingly ordinary sightings. Continental Blackbirds are very conspicuous at present and the evening flight of corvids, into their Ramsgate Cemetery roost site is spectacular; 400+ Carrion Crows and 250+ Jackdaws provide a wonderful spectacle as the light fades in the late afternoon.
Cynical and disillusioned I might be but, I am still able to derive immense pleasure from watching the wildlife that shares my world. I have seen todays' stats on my "blogger dashboard" and it seems that Mr Gale is, once again, responsible for the upsurge of interest in my nonsensical musings - cheers me dear! To anyone who has just discovered this silly mix of fish, feather and random thoughts (on subjects many and varied) please don't take offence at my opinions, as none is meant. I simply use my blog as a vehicle to place one mans' point of view into cyberspace. I don't have a monopoly on being right, or wrong, yet I do have the right to an opinion!

None of the accompanying photos are from this week, or even Newland's Farm - so are purely for effect; having been taken in years gone by - when birding was a bigger influence on my life than it is today.

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