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Sunday 23 June 2024

With (more than) a little help from my friends

 I was out, in the back garden, before 04.15 hrs in order to get the moth trap switched off and stored away before the hoards of marauding Magpies could get a beakful of insects from the periphery of the MV trap. Job done. it wasn't until after 09.30 hrs that I actually made the effort to see what had been attracted, overnight. It had been a very productive session with three Hawk-moths (two Elephant and a Lime) plus my first Swallowtail and Shoulder-striped Wainscot of 2024. The moth which stole the show was on the second to last egg tray and was certainly new for me. I tentatively id'd it as a Coast Dart but, as insurance before I made a complete pratt of myself, sent an email to a couple of other Kent "Moffa's" to assist my id.Fortunately Ian Roberts (.Folkestone birds ) came to my rescue and provided the correct id. It was a Sand Dart, so nowhere as rare as my initial guess, but is still a very good Kent record and certainly a new species for the garden.

Sand Dart - a garden tick!

It was then time for a drive across to the flatlands to check out the drain which I am hoping to concentrate my Tench campaign around. The two Canterbury lads were bivvied up, as they had been since the 16th, with just one lost Carp for their efforts. I have nothing but admiration for their fortitude and determination. We had a really nice chat and are happy to give each other the space required as we seek our personal targets.

Not a monster, but probably never seen a baited hook?

I saw plenty of small Carp and Tench in the adjacent dyke, as I made my way out to the drain and was happy to point the long lens at a couple of dragonflies as I wandered around the venue.

Scarce Chaser

Emperor Dragonfly

It's certainly not going to be a walk in the park, that's for sure, but I'm really enthused by the challenges ahead.

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