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Thursday 23 November 2023

Admit defeat and move on

The Carp "double" in every month of 2023 looks doomed to failure. I just ain't feeling it anymore. Bev's injury has played a part but, even without her tumble, my heart really isn't in it anymore. "Never say never" as I might just fluke a double on a short afternoon session and re-ignite the flame, however, it's now late November and conditions are telling me to get out after Pike. The RMC is calling, but the section I favour is still carrying a lot of extra water due to recent high rainfall levels. Bev and I took a drive down to Giggers Green just to allow me to gauge the situation. Utter mayhem being my impression looking at the filthy, debris filled, water flowing towards the sluice at West Hythe. It'll require a good week, without further rainfall, before the canal will start to fine down and be fishable again. In the mean time, I have a simple quest to catch a double-figure Pike from a new venue. 

"Black Dyke" as named by Gareth Craddock
Will my hunch pay off?

I've certainly taken a few Pike from this particular drain, over the years, yet the best one was around the 9 lbs mark. It is part of a massive drainage infrastructure which is in place to prevent flooding across the East Kent area and, as such, connected to many other drains, dykes & ditches via sluices and junctions across the flatlands. I've met anglers, whilst on my travels, who tell of decent Pike being caught from the venue yet haven't seen one for myself.  Tomorrow morning I am planning to cast a couple of baited rigs into a section of this drain that I've never previously fished. What's the worst thing that can happen? If I don't try, I'll never know, so the adventure continues. 


  1. Hello Dylan- Old Black Dyke!- Would love to be joining you, mate.

    I've had a nasty case of long covid that's made rather a hermit of me. I've hardly fished down to it. I had three pike sessions in the October half term and caught several pike, up to just below nine pounds. One of them had only one eye- poor bugger- but the others were in fine mettle.

    I've since been too drained to do any proper fishing but I'm getting better. Won't be long. Instead, I've been getting out on the weekend, driving about the countryside looking for new territory, for both owling and piking/perching. I've found some intriguing spots- we'll compare notes shortly, mate.

    As soon as I'm mended (any weekend now) I'm also going to have a go with a fly rod for the perch...

    Catch up soon, mucka- Gazza

    1. Hi Gazza,
      The Black Dyke certainly has character and, as yet, I've hardly scratched the surface. A total blank, this morning, but not without some enjoyable birding to keep me well entertained. Once your feeling better we'll have to catch up and compare notes.
      Stay safe - Dyl

  2. Very interesting Dylan. If it is the drain I think it is I spent a decent amount scouting it as I used to do a lot of running in that area, and jogging around the countryside is a very efficient way of finding fishing spots.

    Never got round to fishing it though as I was caught up with chasing a certain big fish from the North stream at the time.

    Best of luck, sounds like a good adventure

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Many thanks for taking time to comment. As for jogging around the flatlands, looking for fishing spots? Far too energetic for me now days. I simply wander around the various venues with a pair of binoculars around my neck and the camera (fitted with the long lens) thus pretending to be a birdwatcher. Works a treat and I have discovered some nice areas because of it. Any target fish, whatever species, taken from this mozaic of waterways is a hard earned prize and one to be savoured. Size is almost irrelevant due to the surroundings we are able to enjoy whilst indulging in our hobby.
      A blank today, but I'll be back soon for another try.
      All the best & tight lines - Dylan