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Sunday 8 August 2021

C-R Herring Gull update

 Not too sure why it's taken so long for this map to be uploaded, but I now have the details from The North Thames Gull Group concerning the Herring Gull I photographed in the garden on 6th June. It had been ringed, as an adult, on 17th January 2018 at the Pitsea Landfill Site, Essex and my sighting is the first report since that date. Obviously I was only able read the code on the colour ring, the metal BTO code is known because of my correspondence with Paul Roper - GV55372.

Herring Gull - C-R Orange/Black Y0LT
The map is courtesy of NTGG and remains their copyright


  1. L2VT / GV77839 (El Capitano) and his wife (Maud) have been daily visitors to our garden since Spring last year.

    I wonder what was the trigger to leave Ockendon Landfill Site, Essex and take up residence in a quiet suburban neighbourhood along the East Kent coast.... retirement?

    After all, ain't that where most "old birds" head to for the quiet life?

    Take care mate

    1. Andy, The Essex landfill sites have been central to a long term study of gull movement around and along the Thames corridor. I believe it was originally undertaken to assist air traffic control help with aircraft heading in and out of the London airports avoid bird strikes. I wouldn't mind guessing that your garden visitor was hatched locally and trapped at Ockenden during the colder months when food is scarce along the coastal fringe?
      Spoke with young Tom Lane yesterday and he has promised to keep me informed on the forthcoming PAC meeting program when it has been sorted out. All the best - Dylan