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Friday, 9 July 2021

There's more to it

I'm fairly sure that it was Jim Gibbinson who made me aware of the wisdom contained in a quote by Dick Walker? Indeed Jim, in 1983, used the words as a tribute to Dick at the start of his brilliant book "Modern Specimen Hunting" (ISBN 0-9507598-7-2) Can't say that I've always been of this mindset, certainly not during those crazy Tring times and the big fish circuit but, if I've not matured, age has certainly mellowed my outlook of such pointless folly.

Jim's starting gambit in Modern Specimen Hunting
Dick certainly knew the score.

Since June 16th I've only hooked three fish, which in itself is pretty pathetic! However, to put the tin hat on it I've lost them all due to the incredible weed growth in my venue of choice. Slowly, but surely, I'm sorting out answers to the myriad questions being posed by these conditions and am confident that things will get better? On the other hand, can they get any worse? A quick three hour session, this morning, was more about getting some bait into the swim rather than a serious attempt for that first fish in the net. Signs were encouraging and, if all goes well, I'll be back in the groove early next week, although Sunday morning offers some potential. I've certainly no plans for Monday, can't think why not? Oh yeah; Bev's shouting something about a game of football - could get very messy. I could take the batteries out of my alarms, I'd hear nothing different given the current state of affairs and, with this at the forefront of my thinking, I took the camera kit out for an airing. I'd posted earlier about seeing Norfolk Hawkers at the drain for the first time and had told Bev of my desire to get a photo. Once the baited hook was positioned I was at liberty to see what I could find to point the long lens at. 

The first juvenile Cuckoo I've seen in 2021

My first flight shot of a dragonfly - a start and my Norfolk Hawker image is secured

Emperor Dragonflies - a mating pair

Male Blue-tailed Damselfly

As you can see, it was quite good fun. Also as predicted the alarm remained silent and the bobbin static, yet three hours wasn't wasted. As Dick quite rightly observed "there's more to fishing than catching (big) fish"



  1. Nice to see you getting in on the Norfolk Hawker action. Just the one or are you seeing them in better numbers? Take care

    1. Hi Marc, There are quite a few, possibly double figures?, of these superb dragonflies patrolling the drain that I'm targeting. I've not seen them at this site in previous years so it's quite exciting! Hoping all is well at your end? - Dyl