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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

The wait is over

 To all of those "traditionalists" I wish you nothing more than you wish for yourselves as the clock ticks, ever closer, toward that magical mid-night start of the 2021/22 coarse fishing season. Sadly, I am unable to partake of that ritual "first cast" but will certainly wet a line during the next twenty four hours. 

Cometh the hour, I'll raise a glass to the memory of Isaac Walton, "The Compleat Angler", and wish all involved, tonight, tight lines! With my own circumstances so very different from any previous season, I'm certainly looking forward to the, undoubted, challenges I'll encounter over the coming months. Those enigmatic "wild" carp of the flatland drains are number one on the project list, but there are tench, perch and, quite obviously, pike which will see my angling focussed towards these wonderful species as the seasons pass. With my syndicate able to offer some decent bream and roach angling, I'm spoilt for choice as to what might take my fancy. A nice wild carp would certainly be a very pleasant way to get off the mark. Happy June 16th everyone!

June 16th 1992 - my PB Tench 9lbs 2oz from
the wonderful Wilstone Reservoir, TRING.

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