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Sunday 24 November 2019

You can't believe a word they say

Sir Billy Connolly once stated that "the desire to be one should stop anyone from becoming one!" He was making this quip about politicians. "They are liars for a living" being another of his observations. That shambolic, laughing stock, who purport to be representatives of the people, yet in reality are a bunch of self-serving half-wits, are back on the campaign trail. Once again seeking election to the job title Member of Parliament and a constitutional role which revolves around the democratic process that's been the bedrock of the UK's identity since the inception of the concept. Me, and the vast majority of folk, pissed off with politics? You'd better believe it.
I can't wait for that hapless Labour Party representative to knock our door - game on. Entertainment, on this scale, delivered free to your doorstep, bloody brilliant - "you knocked on my door, I didn't invite you here", so both barrels are perfectly acceptable under these circumstances. But it won't stop there, the Conservative and Lib/Dems can expect the same hostile reception. The whole lot of the established mainstream parties have lost sight of what the man on the street actually wants - the people who make up the majority of the voters, exactly the same ones who want to leave the EU, in this laughable exercise. Farage is no saint, his political career is based upon a flawed viewpoint, in my opinion, yet he is absolutely spot on with his "need for a political revolution" stance.
The only way out of this whole, farcical, mess is for the election to produce a hung parliament. Under these circumstances all of the political parties will have to speak with each other, attempting to find common ground rather than exploiting differences in manifesto promises. That Boris has the arrogance to think that he's the only one with a way out of the situation speaks volumes about his unsuitability for the role of PM. Corbyn is a disgrace to the memory of so many great socialist personalities of our past, politicians and activists who fought to get the working man a voice only for him to portray a party where only one opinion is of importance - his! Jo Swinson, bless her! How the f**k can a party purport to be in favour of democracy when, after the result of a referendum, goes into the fray supporting the opposite side to the argument. Let's hope she hasn't made any plans for the wallpaper inside No.10?
Cum December 13th, all of these uncertainties will have been resolved (in my dreams) and the UK will, once again, embark on a journey to leave/remain in the EU. With the global marketplace such an easy place to access, thanks to the advent of the internet, what difference does in, or out, make to the evolving demographic of the UK within a global economy?
Instead of reading from the party lines, prospective politicians would do far better if they conveyed their thoughts directly to those most affected by their actions. If you want me to vote for you then at least have the decency to visit my address. Too much of an effort for you? You can guess my answer when asked "will you vote for me?"


  1. Dyl, the political system exists as a barrier between those running the show and those subject to the actions of those running the show.
    It's the protection these wankers; and let's be clear on this, operating at international level , use to avoid direct scrutiny and reproach.
    They don't care about the masses because they don't have to.
    A mistake we make is having expectations based on their antics.

    1. Ric,
      Good to know that I'm not alone in my frustration/despair? Dyl

  2. A very well written and heart-felt description of how the majority of us, "people in the street" feel. Unfortunately and sadly, one set of these bunch of tossers will probably be voted in to spend another five years ignoring such opinions.

    1. I really try hard to steer clear of this type of post, but I'd been getting more and more wound up whilst watching stuff on the BBC news pages. Disbelief, utter frustration, at the complete lack of reason, or reality, in anything that comes out of their mouths. Not one of these established parties is offering me something I feel confident in voting for. Something which will move the UK forward, out of this shambolic state of affairs that we are currently witnessing. Thanks for the comment and compliment - take care and keep blogging - Dyl

  3. Hung Parliament! Dyl?

    For some reason, the name Albert Pierrepoint springs to mind.

    1. Can't defend his career choice, yet know exactly where you're coming from!