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Monday 24 September 2018

Argostoli magic

The Loggerhead Turtles of Argostoli harbour are as much part of, our trip to, Kefalonia as Mythos and Greek Yogurt. With the daytime temps well into the mid-30's, and even Bev complaining about the searing heat, the Gregorys', Dennings' and Wrafties headed off for a day in the hustle and bustle of this busy fishing port, cum shopping centre. Obviously my camera came along for the trip; being paired with my little 55 - 200 mm Sigma lens allowed me to record a number of very pleasing images of the main attraction of the quayside.

We stopped off for a bite to eat, mid shop, before I returned to the quay for another session with the camera whilst the others continued with their search for bargains and trinkets. As you can see from the previous images, these huge creatures are very accustomed to being in close proximity to the crowds of folk who work and/or visit the port. It seems that they are drawn to the area by the local fishermen cleaning their catches prior to offering them for sale. All the offal goes into the sea and these gentle giants suddenly become very aggressive towards each other when food is involved. To watch two massive, wild, creatures perform intricate underwater maneuvers, as they seek to establish dominance over one another, is one of the highlights of the holiday.

On this particular afternoon there were probably six, or eight, turtles in the area, this being a fairly normal number according to one of the wildlife volunteers who monitor these wonderful reptiles.The added bonus was that viewing greatly enhanced by the stunning weather conditions and flat calm surface. So, if you are ever on Kefalonia, forget about Capt Corelli and his banjo, get yourself down to Argostoli harbour for one of the best wildlife experiences there is to be had, absolutely free of charge! With my photos in the bag, we all re-convened in a bar for a well earned drink and Pistachio ice cream, job done for another year!

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