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Thursday, 26 July 2018

It's just stuff - an opinion

Brexit has proven to be a complete farce, the political system thrown into disarray because first past the post democracy no longer holds sway, The political/educationally superior inhabitants, of this sceptred isle, unable to accept that they got beat in a two horse race? Weird, they wouldn't be so vociferous if the result had been different. What I'm having a real problem with is the issues which no-one, who voted leave, were ever asked to take into consideration. I will only voice my own opinions, thus may not be representative of many other leave voters. I was asked if I wished to reinstate our border controls and judicial system? My vote was cast with this foremost in my thinking. Three generations of Wrathalls have lost members, fighting to prevent German domination of Europe. They died, successfully defending this situation. "A Land fit for Heroes" is what they were promised for their sacrifice. Successive governments, of whatever persuasion, have sold them down the river until we reach 2016 and the electorate, once again, have the opportunity to let these lame brained, self-serving, elitists know what is happening at street level. SHOCK/HORROR! The, then, political leader jumps ship, pension fund well sorted, and leaves some poor soul (Mrs May) to attempt to pick up the pieces and deliver on a promise that was never meant.
I saw that Gary Lineker has added his support for a second vote - oh well that'll make all the difference to my Uncle Joe - a WW1 veteran. As I recall we joined "The Common Market" - not the Federal Republic of German controlled Europe! That an un prosecuted, war, criminal is also able to voice similar opinions, contra to the majority vote, demonstrates the complete lack of reality in the corridors of power. If all the cards had been laid on the table, when we were asked to vote, then I feel that there might have been a different outcome. They weren't and this is where we're at. The UK is a great place, in or out of the EU, I work for a Japanese company; we export 85% of everything we produce. The countries of the world depend on each other, it no longer matters about politicians and their stupid egos. The digital revolution has ensured that trade will continue, whatever the political situation, via the wonders of the world wide web. Brexit might ensure that we re-find our identity, as an island race, but the cyber system will ensure that global business interaction will continue - whatever the politicians tell us. China, Russia, America, Asia, Africa, Europe and our entire planet depends on the efforts of others to maintain normality and equilibrium. We're not in the EU! - Yah Boo Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Agree, absolutely 100%.
    Surely the nasty, we'll twist your arm up your back until you agree with us, actions of the EU must convince Remainers that being imprisoned in such a clique is not what being British is all about. The gall of some MP's who are using every trick to remain, despite their constituents voting to leave, is unbelievable. We've survived a lot worse than coming out of the EU and will do again.

  2. My opinions are the polar opposite to both you and Derek on this one Dyl. What I hope we can all agree on is that the whole campaign - from both sides - was amateur, and since the referendum result the governments handling of the leaving negotiations, and the forward planning for the country after fully leaving the EU, utterly shambolic. This whole situation was born by a spat between factions of the Conservatives, and subsequently taken over by wealthy people, who, by their influence will make themselves even more wealthier. The recipients of any 'Brexit dividend' will not be me, you or Derek.

    1. Steve,
      having an opinion, of whatever kind, is perfectly acceptable from where I sit. I think that we can agree that since the "Brexit" result our political parties, not just the government, have put on a shambolic display, when a unified parliament should be pressing for the best result for the UK but, instead, have done nothing to instil confidence about anything they say or do. Quite how this whole farcical process ends is out of our hands but no deal looks ever more likely due to ineptitude and infighting within the mainstream political parties. As you, quite rightly, point out both leave and remain campaigns supplied very little information that would sway your thinking. My mind was made up from day one and, given what has happened, I would vote out again, if required. My family history and links with the military are ingrained in my makeup and exactly why I wear my poppy with pride and support The British Legion. I fully understand that subsequent generations will have lesser attachment to these views, but should remember the debt they owe to all those service personnel who died defending our independence, beliefs and sovereignty during the two World Wars. If Brexit were able to return us to being a member of "A Common Market" rather than this current bureaucratic monstrosity then I feel both leavers and remainers would see this as a win/win result.
      Sorry for such a long winded reply - I just got on a soap box and away it went! Take care mate - Dyl

  3. Did a job for a couple that turned out to be 'remoaners' the other day.

    Retired, wealthy, spend each winter in Nice. Same old refrain, 'those who voted remain understood what they were voting for', those who voted 'out' didn't, just believing lies.

    Funny really, they then went on about some building work they had done. In the past they had a British guy who used to do the work himself. Now he has a team of Romanians to do it instead.

    Here's how it panned out.

    They had the job done sooner than later (advantage them)
    However, they paid just as much for it (no advantage)
    The Romanians got money to send home at a good rate (advantage them, disadvantage the UK balance of payments)
    The British guy got his money for nothing (advantage him)
    The couple also had a few items stolen by the Romanians but didn't want to make a scene (advantage Romanians, disadvantage them)

    Quite honestly, I couldn't see why they were so pro 'remain'.
    I voted 'out' and it wasn't because my table clothes and cutlery had gone missing.

    1. I'm thick, I work in a factory, what other conclusion would any educated person come to? No wonder I voted leave, it must be down to being unable to think for myself or, maybe, having a brain cell between my ears, 9 O-levels, 3 A-levels and a degree I might just have used my own judgement and arrived at my decision based upon the information supplied. As I've alluded to in both my post and the reply to Steve Gale, my family links with the armed forces have a major influence on my thinking. Taking back control of our borders and reinstating our judiciary are not extremist views. The UK is now a multi-cultural society and the envy of many other countries. All I hope for is that we continue welcome these migrants, from whatever ethnic background, but with the basic understanding that they chose us, we didn't choose them. These are the laws - don't like them? Then you need to go somewhere else!