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Wednesday 3 January 2018

Harbour insurance

With Storm Eleanor battering this corner of Kent it seemed like a good idea to have a quick visit to Ramsgate Harbour in order to "tick" the Iceland Gull that remains faithful to the slipway. Sure enough, present and duly added to the fledgling 2018 list. What else could be found? Great Black-backed Gull, Fulmar, Turnstone, Great Crested Grebe and Redshank also made their way onto the tally which has now reached a lowly 52 species. There were Snow Buntings present but, I failed to see them, instead spending some time photographing a C-R Herring Gull.

One of the birds ringed as part of The North Thames Gull Project; LG5.T (click the code)  was behaving impeccably by the harbour office. Back home within the hour - job done!

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  1. Love the new Header photo Dyl. much better than the one of the old fart who needs a haircut.