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Friday 17 November 2017

They were on the munch

I've just got home from a ridiculous session, out on the marsh. Arriving just after 14.40 hrs; I had three rods fishing within twenty minutes and was to experience the most hectic feeding spell I've ever known out on these drains. In 90 minutes I'd had eight bites, resulting in five pike visiting the bank. Big baits and small pike have a history of coming adrift and so it was today.

She weighed 12 lbs 6 oz today. 
The up side of this, hectic, action was that it confirmed the effectiveness of my tweaked bait presentation and my choice of flavour enhancers. However, there were three recaptures involved so, feel it is time to call it a day at this particular venue and seek to continue the challenge elsewhere. I'm rather taken with The Stour as the next choice - I'll have a little look, over the weekend and see what I think?
I'm getting more confident with the Fuji kit, for my self take photos.
It does mean that I have to carry a tripod with me but, I would rather do that, than
have no option other than to get a shot of my capture laying on
the unhooking mat/sling.
I weighed all the fish today and they were as follows, and in this order, 8 lbs 6 oz, 9 lbs 0 oz*, 12 lbs 6 oz*, 10 lbs 8 oz* & 7 lbs 5 oz - the * marks the recaptures, that nine was for the third time! It's not fair on these fish, plus I am learning nothing new from these events, so it's for the best that I move on to other fisheries.


  1. Nice sessiio. I need to get a slighty easier to use tripod. My Nikon has an option to keep the remote release active for up to 15 minutes so could try some action shots too. My syndicate stretches do have several miles between mills and repeat captures are thankfully diluted by distance and quantity of other pieke

    1. BB, this particular drain is little more than 1200m, at best. The pike have nowhere else to go and my repeat captures, over the years, confirm my suspicions that they are of a very low stock density. That I had such a hectic session would suggest I've dropped onto a transient "hot spot". Great fun, but not what I desire if I'm to continue to push the boundaries of my knowledge. Dyl

  2. Replies
    1. Don't be silly! I'd mentioned big baits in this post - my choice today being head/tail sections (dyed & flavoured) in the 4-6 oz range.
      When I packed up, around 18.30 hrs the mackerel and whiting looked like they'd been through a mangle! This was a deliberate action aimed at reducing the eel nuisance. Heavy leads and indicators ensured I wasn't constantly alerted to this bait snaffling. However, I will get back out there, later in the year, with much smaller fish baits to see if eels play any part in the night feeding behavior of these pike? - cheers for the comment - Dylan

    2. I am down that way in May next year for a week ...going to grab a night on the canal I think ..