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Friday, 1 September 2017

There's always something to see

Being restricted in what I can do and where I can go doesn't completely remove wildlife encounters from my life. I still have the garden feeding station although, admittedly, the clientele are rather predictable. But it's now autumn, and almost anything is possible even when stuck in the kitchen doorway looking out into the garden and Newlands Farm beyond.

As I'd already made a post, yesterday, I couldn't be bothered to make another as it would have left August with a total of 13 - not that I'm in any way superstitious you understand? It was rather a good morning for birding. It started well when an adult male Great Spotted Woodpecker dropped down into the conifers, two gardens south of ours. Camera already at hand photos were quickly obtained, but the morning really belonged to Sparrowhawks. Eight passed overhead, with a south-westerly bias suggesting migration rather than local activity. A Hobby and an adult Peregrine made up the supporting cast and provided some more camera practice. How I wish I had checked the settings - all the images were taken at ISO 1600.

Another bright morning to greet the new month and, at 09.10 hrs, the first Common Buzzard of the day flew low over the garden, pursued by a rather agitated Carrion Crow.


  1. Great new Scottish Pike picture Dyl.

    Nothing much to see bird wise in my area. I'm prepared to go out most days at the moment but the lack of birds; good or numerous, is making it a thankless task.
    Two Spot Flys the best so far. Dire is the word.

    1. Richie, cheers for taking time to comment. I should have replied earlier but life is turbulent, at present, thus computers aren't top priority. I'd settle for two Spot Flys right now, although Common Whitethroats have been passing through the garden in dribs and drabs over the past few days and the first Chiffchaff of the autumn was present on Sunday morning, albeit very briefly! Eyes to the skies mate! There's always chance of an Osprey, or better, at this time of year with silly youngsters embarking on their first migration. All the best - Dyl