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Tuesday 26 September 2017

Mantis moments

Since we started to regularly holiday around the "Med" I have had many encounters with  mantis, although only two species as I recall. Most of these creatures have also been in some guise, or other, of the nymph stages so it has been a real pleasure to have spent extended time with several adults over the past fortnight.

Craig discovered this one sitting on the door frame two stories up
I found this one on  one of my meanderings and brought it back with me.
My diary providing the strange background for this image.
As a result of minimal bird life, the lenses were set for macro photography and I got some images which are a little different from my usual stuff. By using the extension tubes on the 18 - 55 mm lens, I was able to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures.

Much more menacing than any Sci-fi villain
However, my lasting memory of these encounters was the reaction of Leon, a huge guy and gym devotee, when one I was holding jumped onto his "T"shirt. What a bloody Lionel!!!!


  1. Great photos Dylan! I remember my first, and only so far, trip abroad to Crete in October 1992. First night I was there I came upon a Praying Mantis and was thrilled to bits...tho' my boyfriend at the time was rather less so. Especially when, two days later, I found a HUGE female on the wall of our apartment....I called her Evil Edna after the tv character haha. If you got too close she'd rattle her wings at you and that awesome triangular head would follow you as you looked into her eyes. Fast forward 25 years and planning on a trip next year and cannot wait to show hubby Neil these amazing insects...I've trained him well and he is now almost as fascinated in the natural world as I am.

    1. Gill, Thank you, so much, for taking the time to comment and share your mantis experiences; they are truly wonderful creatures and I feel very privileged to have spent time in their company, just watching and learning about mantis behavior. They are, ruthlessly, accomplished hunters with lightning reflexes where catching food is involved. Let's hope you are able to show Neil these fabulous insects when you get away next year - all the best and enjoy the simple pleasures to be gleaned from looking at our natural world - Dylan