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Friday 29 September 2017

Argostoli "Loggerheads"

Our fortnight on Kefalonia simply flew by. We were in the company of some very dear, and special, friends and enjoyed the  hospitality of Elaini ("Mumma") and her daughter Agnes - we were all spoiled rotten! To cap it off, riotous laughter and glorious sunshine, meant that it was a holiday to treasure; so many highlights which will be recalled every time any of us look at our photos. Plenty of Mythos moments to assist our enjoyment -  almost the definition of perfection.
I'm not going to post much more about the holiday, Pike season starts on Sunday, but I do have a couple of experiences which might be of interest should you ever visit this wonderful island. Argostoli is the island capital and the main fishing port. Loggerhead Turtles have become accustomed to the local fishing boats mooring up and sorting through their catch, prior to taking it to market. The discarded offal is an easy food source which the turtles happily exploit. To watch these magnificent reptiles at such close quarters is very special, especially when you're standing on dry land!

These are very large creatures, the longest we saw being, probably, 1.3 m at a guess.
The biggest thrill, for me, was watching the reaction of other visitors and seeing the absolute joy
that such encounters are able to provide.
I am rather fortunate in that I've seen huge (almost 2 m) Leatherback Turtles in The Atlantic, whilst Marlin fishing out of Funchal, Madeira. Bev had never seen a turtle, so the look on her face was priceless when we spotted the first. The fact that Carrie-Anne & Craig, Pauline & Leon were also present just made it that much more special - fond memories of some very spectacular creatures.

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