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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sparrow show continues

The garden feeding station continues to be the focus of my attentions, the ravenous hoards of House Sparrows being the main attraction. Never having spent any time looking at the species, until recently, they are providing much more interest than I'd envisaged. It is a long time since I spent extended time watching a single species, even less, concentrating on one so, supposedly, familiar?

Sparrows are fascinating little birds, aren't they? One little aside, that might provide amusement, is that I have been made aware of a company called B&M, they have a store at Westwood Cross, where I can purchase 12.5 kg of wild bird seed for £3.99 and 50 fatballs for even less. All of a sudden, feeding the garden birds becomes an awful lot easier; and cheaper! A new seed feeder, with six feeding ports, is a recent purchase and seems to be doing the business - happy days!

It's not all about sparrows!


  1. We in Kent are very lucky to have such a large population of Spuggies, although they are ravenous eaters as you suggest. I think that the cock bird in full summer plumage has great charm.

    1. Derek, adult male House Sparrows are magnificent birds - if they were rare they'd be the one you'd want to see! I have to make the most of whatever life dishes up, at present, and Sparrows ain't too bad given that scenario! Dyl

  2. You got some great shots Dyl Looks like a good lens too great bokeh