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Tuesday 3 May 2016

Getting back on track

What with our Scottish social and the associated lunacy surrounding becoming the beneficiary of a very large inheritance, I've somehow taken my eye off the ball, so to speak! My "split cane challenge" remains my objective over the next few months - forty doubles, including four twenties (and a thirty?) - although a new PB will be happily accepted as a successful campaign. All highly ambitious and way outside the usual parameters when setting out on a new angling project. My first love, when it comes to carp, is particle fishing - but I'll happily employ any bait and/or technique (except boily fishing) in the quest of my target.

This time, last year, the heaviest carp I'd landed since 1984!
I've settled on my venue choices, although I have still to visit two of them! On Sunday morning I received news I'd been hoping for - Benno has found some carp in The Royal Military Canal. Nothing too outstanding, as an event, but it was from a very unpopular stretch of water - so will allow me a little freedom to explore the situation without any prying eyes or competition? As things stand, I am hoping to get down for a short session on the RMC and have a look at the two other venues by next weekend. Exciting times ahead - only by getting out on the bank will I discover any answers.
In the mean time, I am looking to reduce my tackle to the bare minimum, in order to allow mobility and choice. To this end I am getting the vast majority of my gear back up into the loft, so to avoid the usual distraction of other species. Unless I achieve my goals before the end of September, I have no desire to become side-tracked.Those same two rods and reels, plus associated end tackle, should see me through to the culmination of my challenge? October 2016 - I'm back on an eel quest, and this time for a "big-un"!

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