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Thursday 12 May 2016

Benno's off the mark

Some time around 18.00 hrs, this evening, Benno phoned me with news that he'd just taken his first carp from the RMC. From his tone, I could tell that he was excited - having just landed a superb 17 lbs 4 oz Common Carp. Not a fish to fire the imagination of the "ultra-cult" - it remains a great achievement within the confines of an individual challenge. Just like that first "double figure" barbel, from the Stour, this carp is a milestone fish which should help push us on to further successes. Work commitments ensured I had no chance of seeing it, but I had been down there this morning and had a fishless, though not un-eventful, session. We've an awful lot of learning, ahead of us, before the end of September?

All the tricks of the trade - to make this fish look as big as possible! Camera phone and arm extensions?
Whatever the combination - it is a fabulous carp and one worthy of, adrenaline-induced, shaking.

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