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Saturday 6 February 2016

An extended session - "The hype v's the reality!"

I am writing the first part of this post after finishing my Friday shift at 20.00 hrs. Work is done and now it's play-time! This morning, before going to the Garden of Remembrance, with Dad, I had dropped Bev off in Herne Bay so that she could travel up to Newcastle with her parents and brother to visit Christine - Bev's auntie! From Herne Bay I had a drive out onto The Levels in order to deposit some pre-bait in a couple of swims. With the aid of a catapult I got 3 kilos of particle mix into the various spots, plus a few hook bait samples (freebies!) in preparation for a full day out on Saturday. I made no effort to introduce any eel bait, I can do that during the session - with a plan to fish another swim on Sunday afternoon/evening. The weather forecast is horrendous - severe gales for most of the day, but remaining extremely mild; I can't expect miracles in February! I'm going to start with two rods for carp and a "sleeper" pike fishing just along the drain. Some time around mid-afternoon, unless events dictate otherwise, it will be one rod carp fishing and two out for eels! My intention is to fish through to about 19.30 hrs - I'll see how things pan out? In an ideal world I will get action from all three species which I am targeting, what will the reality of the situation be? My camera is already packed, fully charged, awaiting the outcome. The Sunday session will, very much, be governed by the results of Saturday.

11 lbs 10 oz - the same fish as I had taken at 12.02. I took another set of hooks out of it, so there are
others now fishing the drain! 
Well now I'm back home looking rather windswept, but not very interesting! It was bloody hard going; despite my best efforts and generous pre-baiting, I failed to register any action on the carp gear. My "snide on the side" however, did the business with two doubles gracing the net - 11 lbs 10 oz & 10 lbs 6 oz, most welcome. I made a complete hash of my first chance of a February eel; there is still much I have to learn about my bait presentation. All being well I will be back tomorrow evening to get the job done. Really enjoyed my time outside, I added Peregrine to the year list and had some very intimate views of a Little Grebe quietly fishing in the opposite marginal weeds. Fourteen hours is a long time, on the bank, when you're used to doing short four hour stints - I'll sleep well tonight, that's for sure!

A nicely marked, chunky, little pike which registered 10 lbs 6 oz on the Avons.
The picture is crap, being a self take effort, I've managed to crop some of it's tail. One nice thing is that it
is a new fish for me, from this drain.

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