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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Up close - it's getting personal

Cream-bordered Green Pea is a small macro moth which played a significant part in my early developing moth trapping. Although not a rare moth, in East Kent, it was one of those species which, at the time (mid 90's) was always a very welcome discovery on the egg boxes either at Sandwich Bay Obs or in our tiny garden, in Ash. My subsequent move to Thanet and general lack of interest has meant that I'd not seen one for a few years now, until today. With Emily staying, overnight, I ran the trap so that she could help me examine the contents, this morning - helping to sow the seeds of interest for the next generation? It really was a very pleasant surprise to reacquaint myself with this smart little creature.

A blast from the past - most unexpected, yet very welcome, discovery this morning.
There were few signs of immigration, just a handful of Silver Y's and a lone Scarce Bordered Straw (my third this season) along with the regular mix of expected garden visitors. A couple more micro species which, although very common, were new to me. Being well marked; thus ensuring I could be reasonably confident with my identification.

Agriphilia geniculea - a common "Crambid" species

Argyresthia goedartella - another common species, apparently?
Whilst I was out on Thursday evening, fishing for want of a better description? I knew that I had fish in my swim, the ground bait was doing the job it was intended to do - why couldn't I get a bite?  What is even more frustrating is the fact that, when I did, my rig didn't function as I hoped! I had thought that the Heron alarm might have been responsible, due to the increased drag caused by the line passing behind the antennae - but surely this would have aided, not hindered, my cause? I am going back for another session, all pop-ups and halibut pellets removed from the equation. The combi-rig is something which I have absolute confidence in - the anti-tangle properties ensuring that my bait will be presented as best as I know how. I might just as well admit that carp are my target species, any thoughts of Tench and Barbel long forgotten. What is it that I'm actually seeking? A decent fish on that old Mk IV will do for a start - a PB carp would be the icing on the cake! Both of these things are achievable before the end of September, given the right approach.
Not much else to report. The first Common Buzzard of the autumn spiralled over Pyson's Road yesterday, as I was on my break, and another was being harassed by the local gulls as it left its' roost site at Newland's Farm, early this morning. A Whitethroat was in the Vine Close hedge and a couple of Swallows have headed south, over the maize field - apart from that it is very quiet!

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