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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Monday 31 August 2015

An incredible event - wow, where did time go?

Yesterday I was to witness the power of the Internet at its' best; the very reason for which it was conceived. Paul Elborn, a guy with whom I grew up in Hemel Hempstead, contacted me and left his mobile number in an, un-published, comment! He was right there at the very start of my speccy hunting journey - he took over the R/O role, from Andy Windmill, at The Luton PAC whilst I was R/O of NASA Chiltern Region. Paul was the best pike angler in our gang, he caught more, and bigger, fish than the rest of us put together.

Paul with a magnificent pike of 23lbs 3oz from Marsworth Res,Tring - 28th Feb 1984
I think the last time we fished together, at Tring, was October 1987 and we (Baz Adams, Paul & myself) made the front page of Angling Times with our combined catch - The sensationalised headline read "Pike Trio Top the Ton!" I've still got a copy somewhere in the loft - I'll dig it out sometime, never? (P.S. We did also have two boats on Llandegfedd the second year, 1989, it was opened for pike fishing, and Paul took a fish of 38 lbs 10 oz!  - that was the last time we fished together!)

This was May 1983, our second trip north of the border - Paul landing a pike, Geoff Barker with the landing net, whilst a very young Ronnie Macqueen (?) looks on.
Paul, Simon (my youngest brother) and I had, in 1982, travelled up to Scotland - in an Austin Allegro! We fished Loch Ascog, on the Isle of Bute. We had hoped to fish Loch Fad - but it had been turned into a trout fishery and only the very fortuitous encounter with, a very young, Ronnie Macqueen, who was perch fishing with a mate, rescued our first venture into the pursuit of Scottish pike. No bivvies', we slept in a proper tent, bought our fish & chips from Lena Zavaroni's dad's chip shop in Rothersay - wonderful times, great memories!

Paul with a Pixie's Mere tench of 4lbs 6oz - June 1983
We tench fished at Pixies Mere, went carping at Kodak's Water End fishery, Bridigo Pond - it was Paul who took the photos of my first twenty! and Stanborough. Tring Res's were where we honed our skills as bream, tench and pike anglers. We went our separate ways as adult life dictated other priorities - kids, mortgages, careers - you know the score?

On the banks of Loch Ascog,  May 1982, Paul & myself posing with, what was then, a large catch of perch.
I rang him yesterday afternoon - it was a priceless experience. The rapport was instant, the memories flooding back as if it were yesterday! Time is a very precious commodity; only when something like this occurs does it become very apparent. In keeping with my recent thought processes, post Uncle Bill's funeral, I need to work harder at keeping in touch with those who have gotten me to where I am today - Elbs! - welcome back!


  1. Unbelievable ! Memories all day today even dreamed about it last night .look forward to meeting up see you soon mate,,,,,,',,,,,,,,'

    1. Elbs - this stuff is as surreal as it gets? Looking back through those old photo albums is a trip which no amount of drugs or alcohol could hope to compete with? Enjoy your bike ride - I'll see you at the back end of September; God willing? Take care - Dyl

  2. Great to see you guys reunited,love the old pics too fishing memory's are the best,not sure who's in pic,doesn't look like me ,or richard,but can't be sure,I rember giving you live bait,and a trace from a pike I caught yous had lost the same day lol,
    An other funny thing for me was I stayed at woodside Luton for a few months and bumped into your bro Simon in the pub,around 89..Small world indeed,its really been good to catch up with you guys again-- all the best Ronnie

  3. Great read Dylan and some real cool photos
    Its always great to catch up with old friends init :-)