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Monday 30 March 2015

If only she could have known

Picture the scene. It is a wonderfully hot, sunny, (July 2010) afternoon in Buckinghamshire. My family and friends are gathered in the sleepy hollow, that is Aston Clinton, celebrating, Simon's, my youngest brother, 50th birthday. I think it fair to state, here and now, that more than a few light ales had been consumed before Benno hatched the plan to re-visit Loch Awe for one last pike fishing trip, just as we'd done so many times during his childhood. Those were the days before parents had to ask, permission from, school teachers how best to bring up their kids. Please sir, can I take my child out of school to go on holiday? This is not me having a pop at school teachers, on this occasion - it's interfering politicians; whose own kids will have been sent to boarding schools, thus negating the requirement of child/parent bonding, who are the cause of this particular problem.

Benno - aged 7 or 8, with a couple of pike from Startop's End Res. Tring
Anyway, Benno first went to Loch Awe when he was a few day's older than four! I think that he had five trips under his belt before he started secondary school. Whatever the hardships, these experiences couldn't have been that bad as, twenty years later, he wanted to re-live them! To my way of thinking, these holidays were as educational as anything else he experienced, or was taught, as he grew up? That he has grown up to be a level-headed guy with a decent education and a trade is testament to the balance family life and education played during these formative years.

Looking like an advert for child neglect? Benno playing a pike in Kilchurn Bay 1991.
As his father, I feel sure he learned more during a week away with me, and the crazy crew, than he
 would have done at school, at this stage in his development? 
Back to this post! I hadn't picked up a rod in nearly 18 years, Bev had no idea of my angling past (we didn't get together until June 2000)  beyond a few casual sessions in The Top of the World and/or The Gade & Goose PH's, in Hemel Hempstead, when we'd bumped into some of the guys who'd been involved in the Blue Marlin adventure of July 1993. If she'd half an idea to where this would lead there is no way that she would have said "Yeah; go for it!" when asked her opinion of Benno's idea on that fateful July afternoon.

8 lbs 7 oz - the catalyst to my rediscovery of the joys of angling and the start of the next chapter.
The first fish I had caught in over 18 years - if only Bev could had known?
This second time around, my angling is nowhere as obsessional, although it might not appear so, as in my past - I now simply wish to go fishing. What I lacked, in my first stint, has been rectified by the regular accompaniment of my son, now a fully fledged, and accomplished, "big fish" angler in his own right.
Although I still crave big fish; it is more important that I now do it in a manner that befits the capture. It's how I do it and not how big the fish, that defines success within my present day angling.
The Scottish trip is getting closer, by the day, but I'm still concentrating my thoughts on a couple of carp sessions before we go. I've been reading a lot of material on particle fishing and watching some magnificent camera work, if very amateur presenters, on Youtube. I've a head full of ideas, just got to find time to put them into practice. I am hoping to use the local commercials to try a few ideas before attempting to pursue a PB from either the RMC or The Stour - all pie in the sky at present.

I caught this chap whilst perch fishing. It took a float fished prawn on 6lbs b.s. line,
using my Match Aerial centre-pin on a Tring Tench Rod - proper fun fishing.
I enjoyed the experience very much, but it wasn't a deliberate capture, so, alas, I can take
 little credit for the event.
There are many local club/day ticket fisheries where I could easily beat my carp PB, given a sustained effort, but none of them have the right vibe. I wouldn't be comfortable in the surroundings or the company (my problem not the other anglers!) It is purely because my carp fishing has to take the form of angler pitting their wits against a cunning quarry rather than a technician setting a trap. I want the freedom to stalk my prize, not be stuck in a swim awaiting a fish to find me. As I've said - I'm more bothered by the methods involved than the actual size of my ultimate result. Just in case any one is particularly interested, the PB I seek to improve upon is a very modest 23 lbs 14 oz - taken in February 1984 (when it was a very good fish indeed).

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