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Friday 27 March 2015

End of an era and stuff

Today is my final one, working with the guys, on "A" shift - from Monday I am to be a permanent "B" shifter! The end of a very enjoyable period, of my employment, and start of another chapter? To mark this auspicious occasion I am allowed (expected!) to buy the cakes for tea break; all part of factory ritual and something I embrace happily. It was 07.00 hrs, therefore, that I made my way across Newlands Farm to the dizzy excitement that is Asda, just a five minute walk past work. I took my bins with me, almost  the first bird I saw was a female Blackcap in a garden at the end of  Vine Close, a couple of decked Redwings and three Rooks feeding amongst the hoards of Carrion Crows, but that was it! Cakes purchased, I was back home before 07.45 hrs, job done (I'm on "lates" and don't start until 13.00 hrs on a Friday). Oh yeah, there was a C-R Herring Gull in Asda car park - Orange/Black D5FT - one of the North Thames Gull Group's birds; I'll send this info to Paul Roper in due course.
I'm sat here listening to the delights of Radio 2 - the news dominated by the unfolding story of the recent Airbus 320 crash in the French Alps. That there is a serious problem with the aviation authorities failing to take heed of mental health issues with Andreas Lubitz is a massive cause for concern. What I find most disturbing is the fact that any individual, so intent of self destruction, is capable of total disregard for others.
I have, and hopefully will never find out, no inkling what state your mind descends into when taking your own life becomes an option. It is an act of undeniable selfishness, complete removal of anything logical within a civilised human thought process, certainly no concern for those left behind to pick up the pieces. Is it really possible that 149 innocent people have died because a bloke got dumped by his girlfriend?

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