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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Tuesday 13 January 2015

Playing catch-up

Almost half-way through January! Where does time go? Blogging has taken very much, the back seat, as you will be, no doubt, aware - there's so much going on in our/my world that makes this stuff totally insignificant. Yesterday Bev and I, along with Benno, my two brothers and their wives met up at the Shamblehurst Barn PH for a bite to eat before travelling the short distance to Wessex Vale Crematorium, Southampton, for the memorial service for David Dredge, our cousin, Jaqui's, husband.
As is usual, at these gatherings, we all spoke about how we should all make an effort to see each other on a more regular, and less formal, basis. Funerals and weddings being the general rule. Benno reminded me of a phrase I had used at Mum's service - "every one you attend takes you one step closer to the front of the queue!" Something to think about next time you find yourself involved in petty squabbles - time on earth is a limited resource, so enjoy it as fully as is possible; don't waste it with stupid rows and emotions. Time wasted in such activity can never be replaced! End of sermon ..... !
Fishing has been a struggle, so nothing new there then? The Worth Marshes venue, delightful as it is, has proven to be a project too soon - the pike population has been decimated and will require a while longer to re-establish itself. All was not lost, however, as the birding out on these wild and desolate marshes has been rather good.
Not an image from a recent outing - a Fieldfare which was photographed in "The Old Rose Garden"
a couple of winters ago. My camera has been about as active as my bite alarms!
I've a couple of ideas for new challenges - one involving tench as a very viable alternative to the Stour barbel for the coming summer. Plans are already well advanced for our next, and final (?), Scotland trip - four of us going back to Loch Awe - Davie Robertson (Central Scotland Pike Anglers) agreeing to join us for a few days, should be rather good fun?
I couldn't help but smile, at the superb irony of, Steve Gale (a Dungeness devotee) being struck down by a bout of "shingles". Not a particularly pleasant experience, as I recall - my father suffering a debilitating attack when I was a young boy. Get well soon Steve, you've missed nothing! The North v's South pan-listing battle has gotten off to a very low key start, but I am following developments with interest, so much so, that I am also keeping a list of the birds that I encounter whilst about my other activities. So far, in 2015, I've confidently identified 68 species and I've not yet visited the coast (less than a mile from home!) - it will be quite interesting to see how my efforts compare with Stewart and Steve, as I have no plans beyond enjoyment, but I am going to make an effort to run the 125w MV in the garden this year.


  1. Hi Dyl, even more of an irony was when the observatory assistant warden was struck down with shingles a few years ago. Shingles on shingle in that case! Will be interested to see how your MV performs this coming year. All the best, Steve

  2. Steve, I'm not expecting too much from my 2015 mothing. The garden stuff is almost predictable these days? The driving force behind my efforts will be Emily - she, like Benno before, taking an immense interest in the "bugs" that are contained within the egg cartons of a moth trap. I derive great pleasure from the simple delight of moth trapping in our garden. Bev and I were outside, looking for the overflying "Space Station", when our first Convolulous Hawk came crashing into the trap - Oct 2001
    I can bemoan the fact that I won't get a Garden Tiger, or enjoy the positive by "knowing" I'll record Small Ranunculus and Tree Lichen Beauty! Times; they are a changing - Dyl

  3. Good luck Dylan, so far Steve is leading the bird race ( its a percentage thing) even from his sick bed! Good luck with the moths too, I've never seen Small Ranunculus or Tree Lichen Beauty but still get Garden Tigers....

    1. Stewart - Yeah; I'm far more enthused about garden mothing than I've been for a few years now. I think that Emily has as much to do with this as any other factor, but I am still looking forward to the season - after all my garden has been planted specifically for this purpose!
      I also have an item that might just be of interest to you - a Mitchell 324 fixed spool reel - yours for the price of postage a packing. That upstream worming, for wild brown trout, might just become a reality? - all the best Dyl