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Wednesday 14 January 2015

A wonderful surprise

Wayne is a guy who works in the purchasing department of FSIS, he is also a very successful carp angler. One of his neighbours had asked if he would "have a look at" some old tackle that was in her possession - it was her husbands? I'm not exactly sure of the circumstances, but it is something along these lines. Wayne, being a modern carp angler, wouldn't be seen dead with ancient tackle, but knew a man who would - ME! He asked if I'd take a look and see if any of it was worth keeping? This was well before Christmas, yet it was yesterday that I finally got to see what he was on about!
Surprises, of this magnitude, don't occur very often?
Angling history - so far in my past that I'd almost forgotten about it. Brought back
to life by a casual comment by a guy at work - bloody brilliant!
I immediately rang Simon and Benno - "I think I've died and gone to heaven"  - There, amidst the angling debris of an unknown angler's tackle, were two Mitchell 300's (with spare spools) and a boxed "Heron" bite alarm, as designed by Dick Walker! Nostalgia to match any of my old photos, but this time three dimensional and in my hands. We haven't sorted out the financial side of the transaction but, it now seems certain that the 2015 Loch Awe trip will see me fishing with three Mitchell 300's - an old man's dream come true!
The Heron bite alarm is unusable in it's present state - the battery terminals have corroded beyond repair, yet I haven't given up hope of being able to get it back to working order - just for one chance to go carping with it. Most of the other gear that Wayne has allowed me to peruse, is of little worth - although a collector of such things might disagree? Strange how things pan out - I'd been looking on e-bay for another Mitchell 300A to go with the one that Simon had given me at Christmas. Sandwich Coarse Fishery will now be the scene of a "Dick Walker-esque" carp quest come April. However, before then I've the rest of the English pike season to enjoy - three 300's on three Duncan Kay's is the only way forward!


  1. quaitly reels remember owning one myself

    1. Mark,
      These are the reels of my youth! They got overshadowed by the glitz of the ABU Cardinals and, much later, the Shimano range, but they were always a quality product.
      Now having three to play with will ensure many hours of happiness. They do have their limitations, but will do splendidly for what I require. They will also be the only Mitchells at any of the venues I visit - always a good thing to be able to demonstrate the ability to be an individual, not a clone!
      Loving the owl photos - take it easy old mate - Dyl