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Saturday 10 January 2015

Jihadist - my arse!

I've spent my afternoon (yesterday) watching the unfolding drama of the French terrorist attacks. Why are our news agencies giving these criminals any credibility by using Islam (one of the world's great religions - hijacked by a gang of extremist nut - nuts!) to describe these individuals as "Jihadists"? Absolutely nothing to do with religion - these terrorists are a nothing more than an insult to the religion they claim to follow!
The more I read about these individuals, the more angry I become - radicalised idealism based upon pure hatred. These bile-filled preachers are a complete sham - quite why my "hard earned" taxes are used to allow such as Anjem Choudary to remain within the civilised safety of our democracy - whilst our NHS hospitals are in melt down; you tell me? I can't wait for the next political hopeful to set foot on my doorstep - they'd better be good!
I haven't any right to use this artwork - but feel that I'm very unlikely to be sued.
17 innocent people have paid the ultimate price because some crazy cult
have taken offence to a drawing - beyond comprehension?
I didn't start blogging because I wanted to be confrontational - I just saw it as a way of expressing myself. That the events in France have caused me to focus on "what's important" has led to this recent series of musings. Freedom of speech, thought and opinion is the very foundation of what I hold dearest to my heart. Perfectly able to see another viewpoint, without any desire to go to war should I disagree - I remain committed to the fundamental right of these rules - the very rules which underpin our society. To have some "pretend Muslim" assert their fucked up ideals upon another culture is unacceptable - in the extreme.
When mum died, I spent a while perusing the varied religious writings that were out there - The Koran being a wondrous document. Nothing that I read, or understood, to be the preaching of the prophet Mohammed aligns itself with the actions of these extremist groups. Maybe I'm just too simple to see it? Love, peace and adherence to family values - the very basis for all of the religions of the modern world?

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