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Saturday 9 August 2014

Silly stuff and "a bolt from the blue!"

For ever the clown. Emily playing in a puddle - the "Pooh stick" bridge
visible on the right hand horizon.
Emily and I spent a couple of hours, out on the marsh along the Little Stour, this morning - looking at birds and bugs before getting down to the serious business of splashing in puddles and playing "Pooh sticks". Being a grand-parent means that I can do these things without any guilt or embarrassment - it's part of my job!

Female Banded Demoiselle

A Thick-headed Fly  (possibly Conops flavipes?)

The Golden-rod Spider - Misumena vatia
Quite what this master of disguise was doing on the tyre of my Mazda 5 MPV - who knows?

The barbel quest has taken a backward step - I'm sure that I'm doing all the right things, but in all the wrong places. Fish location is fundamental, and I'm struggling. Benno had a bit of a result, during the week, when he landed a Bream of 6lbs 10oz - his PB! I had two sessions; the first, a total blank, and, the second, resulting in a sodding eel. If barbel had been present I am certain that my approach would have delivered the result I seek. I need a bigger drawing board, coz that's where it seems I need to go back to? Due to work and other commitments (as you will shortly see!) I won't be back to the R. Stour until next Saturday, at the earliest. Probably not a bad move to take a time out and recharge my enthusiasm.

A 6 lbs 10 oz Bream from the River Stour - it looks bigger!
Bev and I are taking Dad back to Hemel Hempstead, tomorrow, so that we can all attend the 80th birthday celebration for my Auntie Gladys. Dad's staying for a few days; we've got to be back for work on Monday - not that it's a problem. We'll get to spend a few hours with friends and family, recalling memories from the, collective, long forgotten, past.

Computer photo-shop wizardry
This is what Gadget was seeing when the left side of his body shut down - "Cosmic Man!"
So; back to the events of today. I had returned home, with Emily, via a stop off at Dad's place. We'd not been back long when Bev took a phone call - on our land line. "Dyl! - you'd better get in here" What the f*ck? Another salesman needs sorting out!  I walked into the living room to hear the news that Gadget has been taken into QEQM Hospital with a suspected stroke! I got there as quickly as I was able - making my way to the ward. His step-son, Steve, was at his side and Gadget was conscious. After I'd called him all the attention-seeking twats under the sun we had a chat. It seems that he had felt unwell, at home, around mid-morning and had rung 999, due to the fact that he couldn't stand up and the whole of his left side was numb! The swift response of all the agencies involved ensured that he has received the best possible treatment and is very likely to make a full, and speedy, recovery. I don't want to hear any shit about the NHS - those folk who work at the sharp end are 100%  committed to their chosen careers and deliver a service which defies the efforts of meddling mis-management at various levels within the system. If Gadget had been with BUPA he'd have received little different treatment - although, it is true that, the ward menu might have been slightly more lavish? For anyone who doesn't know him - Gadget was the technological brains behind WWW.Planetthanet.org - a visionary project, when we launched it in the mid 2000's. He's my mate and I will post up-dates on his progress as his rehabilitation commences. At the moment all the signs are very positive (except he might have to give up drinking!!!)

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