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Monday 11 August 2014

Go back or move on?

In three weeks time there is a slim chance that I might be able to spend a few days (and nights) fishing on Wilstone Res. - part of the Tring complex. It is the venue which is at the very core of my being; I learnt so much about the disciplines of "big fish angling" and some of the rudimentary skills of birding whilst on its' banks. The whole of theTring Reservoirs complex hold a very special place in my development as an angler, observer and, indeed, me as an individual; Wilstone being the major factor - a venue where many dreams became reality!

The famous Wilstone Pier swim - Pike fishing in the early 1990's
With this as the background; is there anything to be gained in my return to these magnificent fisheries? My memories are blurred by the passing of time - my last session was on Startops End in March 1993. Can I blot out the past and enjoy today? Or, are my previous experiences of such intensity that it would be impossible to return without a feeling of dread? These fantastic fisheries aren't what they were in "My Day!"
There is no Alan Wilson to make the early morning brew, Bernard Double has long since left the post of head bailiff and those characters, who made up my past, have been replaced by a generation of "different specialist anglers" I have no doubts about their desires and ambitions - but will it sit easily within my own reasoning for a return session. Nostalgia might be best left as that - stuff which has happened; thus cannot be changed but, also, it cannot be relived. I am fighting a very strange battle in my head - go back or forwards?

Three Tench for over 22 lbs! (July 1990 ?) - not an uncommon occurrence
The Tench fishing, during this era, was un-matched by any other UK venue.
I was there from the very early days, I joined the Tring Syndicate in 1981, just after Tony Chester
took his record fish. Is it possible for me to go back without being disappointed?
It might just be that I know that the venue no longer has the aura of mystery that it once had. On the other hand, I might just have moved on and my enjoyment of small venue challenges have taken centre stage in my efforts. I'm slightly at a loss to know why I have no desire to revisit Claydon or Tiddenfoot, places which contributed massively in my formative years as an angler yet, in the same instance, derive immense pleasure from the Loch Awe experiences - despite an 18 year gap, although this might easily be explained by the fact that I never had much success on my early Scottish trips, therefore Loch Awe held no such stigma as Wilstone does. A venue which I fished with absolute confidence and self-belief.

Another fantastic Tench from Wilstone.
I still have three weeks in which to make a decision; all of this is dependant upon two unknowns - weather and work. I have not been given the time off, just yet, due to the holiday roster being fully booked. My supervisors have said they'll be able to let me go if the workload is not too demanding (whatever measure that is?) - so I am somewhat in limbo, with my mind playing games with my emotions. Can I? Can't I? - Back to my roots or forward along the never ending pathway? If these are my biggest problems then life must be good.

Gadget had a comfortable night, on Saturday, with a scan being done on Sunday morning. As Bev and I were away for the day, no news from friends or relatives, must be seen as a positive. I will keep posting news on his recovery as, and when, I get it.


  1. Hope he is ok send him my regards keep us posted with how is doing

    1. Mark, I will relay your thoughts when I see him - take care and keep looking at those juvenile gulls!

    2. Cheers Dylan enjoying them but hard work but worth it

  2. If you are having doubts Dyl, don't go. If you went and the experience was disappointing, might that not affect your positive memories that are so special to you?

    1. Steve, we really must be living in a parallel reality - your thoughts mirror mine exactly. It is such a treasured period of my past that any negative experiences would
      deeply harm the passion that I feel. It is, in this case, perhaps wise to move on. Are you still in Cornwall or back in downtown Banstead?
      Hoping all is well - Dyl

    2. Coming home mid-week Dyl. Take care and all the best to you and yours.