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Friday 17 May 2013

Kilchurn Bay Top 10 - May 2013

Our week at Loch Awe produced a fantastic catch of Northern Pike (Esox lucius) with a total of 38 fish over 10lbs (doubles!) Of these fish, there were 10 that weighed in excess of 15lbs. They, being from wild stock, are a very good result. I will use the Steve Gale template to reproduce the the May 2013 ten best pike.

1.-) Simon with a fantastic specimen of 20lbs 8oz; it looked bigger!
Why we travel the 600 miles to Loch Awe
2.-) Simon with a 19lbs 12oz pike

19lbs 12oz - pike fishing perfection?

3.-) Benno with his 19lbs 4oz beauty

19lbs 4oz - Benno's 2nd heaviest fish, both of them from Kilchun Bay, Loch Awe!

  4.-) Benno with a 16lbs 15oz

The heaviest pike of a three fish haul - taken within 20 minutes!

5.-) Me with a 16lbs 5oz fish (exactly 1lb heavier than my previous Scottish PB!)

31 years after I caught my first (15lbs 5oz) Scottish pike - this fish is a personal milestone!
I've taken my Scottish PB to 16lbs 5oz.
6.-) Benno with a 15lbs 15oz pike

A bit of "photo-shop" technology to remove the "red-eye" problem with Benno.
It doesn't work with fish?
7.-) Simon with a 15lbs 9oz fish

8.-) Benno with a 15lbs 9oz pike

9.-) Simon with the first fish of the trip - 15lbs 6oz

10.-) Me with a 15lbs 2oz fish - on our first morning.

Ten magnificent fish from our 2013 Loch Awe trip; all taken on dead baits, some fished at 150m+.
Fantastic memories which will remain for the rest of my life - I don't think that any of us will ever experience this quality of pike fishing again. Proper piking, for wild fish, in a wild and wonderful place.
What are we going to do next year?

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  1. Hello Dylan, fantastic pikes - wonderful pics. My friend and myself are planning a fishing trip to Loch Awe next year. We are only using flies and spinning lures. What do you think is the best period of time for doing this? Do you think Mid/End of May is usually a good month or better in June, due to the fact that maybe the pikes are more active. Thank you very much for your help. Kind regards Markus (markusmarek@gmx.net or via FB https://www.facebook.com/markus.marek.77 )