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Friday 24 May 2013

Indigenous v's alien (only in the UK!)

Richard Benyon is a millionaire land owner who controls vast areas of the countryside where his guests are able to pay top dollar and shoot large numbers of Pheasants reared specifically for that purpose. So far, so good, the country sports industry providing gun wielding egotists with the chance to prove their prowess at mass slaughter. But see if you can spot a flaw?

The colourful alien who's landed masters are seeking to protect
in order to kill for profit at whatever cost to the indigenous species of our countryside.

The same Richard Benyon is Minister for Wildlife Protection (within the David Cameron - "Greenest Government of all time") at Defra - The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
With only 40 million introduced pheasants released into the countryside, each year!, the shooters are rightly concerned that their quarry is in decline, thus more difficult to murder. The cause of this problem? Common Buzzards, of course (The best available data shows that predation by birds of prey accounts for 1.5 - 2% of all pheasant deaths in our countryside). Not road traffic, disease or overcrowding - oh no!
So our hero has decided that his role of Wildlife Protection should include making sure his mega-monied peers should be able to flout the Wildlife Legislation of our countryside and his department is issuing licences to allow the permanent removal of Common Buzzard nests, eggs and fledglings.
So after centuries of persecution, the recovery of the Common Buzzard will be halted by the actions of a lame-brained, arse wipe who has proven, once again, that politicians are only in the system for what they can get out of it for themselves - shameful.

Is it really that much of a surprise that the fate of such a wonderful bird is entrusted to a selfish fuckwit?
The UK Government is full of people in positions where they can best serve their own interests.
It isn't a party thing - it's a national disease, the system is rotten to the core.

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