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Tuesday 28 May 2024

Dumpton odds & sods

 I've not been up to much recently due, in part, to Bev's ongoing medical situation and grand-parenting duties. Therefore I am very grateful that our bungalow is situated in such a good location for wildlife encounters. The first broods of Starlings, Blackbirds and Robins are now becoming more independent and seen frequently around our back garden. 

The moth trap continues to provide me with plenty of id conundrums, particularly with the micro species, yet is a very enjoyable way of starting my day as I examine the visitors to the egg trays. I've now managed to capture four Hawk-moths which have been four different species. I adore these insects purely because they demand attention and are a great way of persuading the local neighbours to lay off the use of garden pesticides. 

My first Fig-leaf Skeletonizer, of 2024, showed up on the outside of the MV trap, this morning, although there are no signs of leaf mines on the Fig Tree which overhangs my garden from Mike & Leslie's next door?

The only other sighting, of any note, was that of an adult Red Kite in full breeding plumage drifting over the Elham to Barham road as I drove home this afternoon. At this time of year the usually encountered Red Kites are, migrating 2cy(?) birds, in very heavy wing moult.

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