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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Monday 20 July 2020

Coming along nicely

Back into work, early this morning, me and the guys on "A" shift were quickly informed that our next week of furlough had been cancelled and we're now working late shift instead. All rather weird when seventeen shop floor positions are being made redundant? Still, it's not my place to worry about the business logistics. I'm paid to do a days' graft then I go home and leave all that stressful stuff to those who earn their money occupying management positions. Good luck with that! The highlight of my day (week?) occurred around 10.00 hrs when the head of our HR dept came over to deliver, hand addressed, envelopes in which were contained the all important numbers attaining to the company's redundancy payment offer. All of us who've made enquiries have now received these figures and, therefore, have something around which to base our decision. That initial enquiry has no automatic transmission into voluntary redundancy. Having now been given the figures any individual, wishing to be considered, must then confirm their intention, to continue the process, by submitting a request in writing. My letter will be in HR tomorrow, the difference between what I could earn between now and December 2021 and what I've been offered is just a few hundreds of pounds. Only a complete, money obsessed, imbecile could turn this opportunity down under these circumstances?

Remember this controversial character? 
Been there, seen it, got the "T"-shirt, which really pisses off some of the guys at FSIS.
More about this, insane, jealousy in later blogs - once the redundancy process has been completed.
It's all about perception and the poison of a twisted mind.

With my head now fully cleared of nagging doubt I'm able to look forward and make some plans for how I'd like life to move on. Bev has been an amazing help during this process and it's due to her positive outlook, as much as anything else, that has allowed me to reach my decision without feeling that I've, somehow, let us down. She's already  got enough on her plate, looking after mum, without having to nursemaid an ageing hippy! Plenty more to say but, given the "up in the air" situation, I'll hang fire for the moment. The Bat detector is an excellent piece of kit, providing some superb encounters and lessons, with the cameras seeing plenty of action, due to a continued desire to explore new avenues of experience.  July might prove to be the least productive month of the 2020 blogging year, purely because of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.


  1. Dyl, back in the day I noted that many workers who had qualified for the full state pension by doing; as was required then, forty nine years, were often retired early at 63 or 64 years of age, on full pay. Happened to my own father. A suitable reward for a full working life which may have started at fourteen or fifteen years of age. Join the club. Safe to say you've done your shift at the pit face.

    1. Ric, I started full-time work in August 1974 and have been un-employed for four days during my entire working life. Never taken a penny in social handouts, never had a need to! So yeah, I recon I've done enough graft to qualify for the full state pension? It's part of my make up to worry about things over which I have little, or no, control. Only when I am in possession of all the relevant details can I cease worrying about the situation. Once the finishing line has been drawn, in the sand, will I be able to rest easy.