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Sunday 4 November 2018

Winter already?

It's winter in all but the technicalities of date, autumn now behind us and that awesome summer, just a collection of memories about glorious sunshine and stifling heat. I know that many of the deciduous trees have yet to drop their leaves, some even have to have them turn through shades of rustic, golden brown, but it makes no difference to me now. The pike are in fine fettle, winter thrushes have arrived, en mass, and Stonechats are holding territory along the clifftop pathways. What other signs are required?

Two images from the archive - just for effect
I had to drop Bev off at the QEQM Hospital, Margate, this afternoon as both her parents are undergoing medical treatment at present. Any ideas of going fishing were a non starter, thus I opted for a wander along the cliff-top pathway between Foreness and Kingsgate. There's been a White-billed Diver present along this stretch of coastline for the past few days and it would be a "lifer" should I set eyes upon it! Utter folly and I was distraught that I failed to connect with my target - NOT! A wonderful stroll along the cliff-top path was rewarded with a splendid male Stonechat, a Short-eared Owl that arrived in/off over Kingsgate Castle and a juvenile Gannet which headed east, just beyond the exposed chalk reef.

A sign of getting old? There was a time when I'd have skipped work to get that tick on a meaningless list of nothingness. Oh! the benefit of hindsight, how much of a gift would that be in a Christmas stocking? Yes, winter really is upon us.

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