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Monday 1 October 2018

Things that pass in the dark

There was little chance that I'd repeat my success of Saturday morning on the Sunday evening, but still I went back and spent an enjoyable few hours going through the motions. It felt chilly in the intensifying NW breeze and I was glad that I'd had the sense to wear my thermal over suit. I didn't see any signs of carp activity all the time I was on the bank and feel the quest, for that carp, might be put on hold for another year; pike and perch taking centre stage in my angling focus as the temperatures fall away.

I'd taken my Canon kit with me in the hope of grabbing a few images of the Barn Owl I've seen just recently. As it happens, I actually saw two owls, but they were far too flighty and I was unable to get them in focus, let alone within range of the feeble flash unit that is built into the camera body. Not all was lost, however, as Beavers were both active and numerous, at least five individuals passing through my swim as darkness fell. If I couldn't catch a carp then at least I could play around with camera settings and see what I came up with.

Not quite up to Chiddy's standard, nowhere close in truth, yet pleasing enough for my first effort, allowing plenty of room for improvement should the opportunity arise again?

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