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Friday 3 August 2018

Hot August nights

Sincere apologies to any Neil Diamond fans who have been tricked into viewing this nonsense, it wasn't my intention to deceive. I have very fond memories of that 1972 double LP masterpiece and the incredibly powerful voice of this legendary singer/songwriter. I digress, however, as my blog title is applicable to the present heatwave that we are experiencing in this part of the UK and nothing more. I've now had plenty of time to think about where my angling is headed whilst I await the building project completion. I'd scanned diaries and blog entries from previous years and memories came flooding back of my time in quest of chub and barbel in the Kentish Stour. There is definitely selective memory playing a role, as I recall the barbel challenge with much pride and yet, never ever felt that I'd started to unlock the code of these fabulous fish. Is going back such a great idea?
Fortunately salvation has appeared, in the letter box today! My Wantsum AA membership has been confirmed and I am now fully paid up, free to visit the club fisheries at Reculver, Sarre and Pluck's Gutter on a whim. Tomorrow will see me exploring the potential and visiting the venues with a view to having a session, or two, over the weekend. I'm finding myself particularly drawn to the river - we'll see?

The Kentish Stour has provided me with many great highs, yet I really don't feel like I've scratched the surface?
Top photo is my PB Chub - Lower image my first "thirteen pound plus barbel" from the river - Aug 2013
So what has the Neil Diamond stuff have to do with it? Let's spend a nano second and think it through. If anyone is silly enough to sit out on the bank when the sun is blazing down from an azure blue sky, they certainly ain't doing so because they want to catch a big fish. It's called pleasure fishing and has no place in my own involvement with angling. You're dead right, I say that enjoyment is my main goal, but sitting in the brilliant sunshine, getting a fantastic tan, without any chance of a bite isn't a definition of pleasure that I can relate to. If I'm to give myself the best chance of a result, then I need to be on the bank when the light levels have faded and temperatures dropped away to a more comfortable level. I have an idea to get set up with a very generalist approach and simply see what occurs. Chub, barbel and/or carp are all a realistic possibility. Probably get plagued by eels, just to piss me off and remind me why August 2013 was such a pain in the arse! Always look on the bright side; eh?

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