Who am I?

An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Sunday 24 June 2018

Life in a building site

I'm extraordinarily flattered, to have been mentioned in the recent posting, by Steve Gale , pertaining to the demise of blogging activity within our sphere of like-minded souls. I am able to empathise with every aspect that Steve's observation encompass, yet there are many other factors that may cause individuals to cease their activity on this social media platform. What I don't expect to play a role is the disruptive impact that a major building project imposes upon normal life. At present Bev & I are living in a building site! Although not housebound, the ability to use my laptop is severely limited due to this project. I am still able to go to work, chase the fish of my dreams and generally pursue a "normal" (?) daily routine. Blogging, however, is a direct casualty of the situation, fortunately - no one dies because of my lack of postings. The way things are progressing it might be three months before normal blogging output can resume. Important ? - no I don't think so either. We blog because we enjoy the ability to exchange experiences with unknown audiences. There are no deadline or editorial pressures that play any part in the process, so I continue to pursue my interests, without regular postings, purely because of the reality of my life, at present. I've not caught a carp - shit happens!

Sun-set on the levels - shared with a couple of like-minded souls. Magnificent!
What's been happening? I've not had a bite since the advent of the new season. Met a couple of great guys, of a very similar mind-set, found the fish I desire and discovered a swim where my dream might, just, come true. Loads happening over the next fortnight, so fishing isn't a priority, but there's plenty spinning around in my head. Benno, Luke & Skunk are out in France, fishing for cats, whilst I have five more days of O/T before heading off to Mallorca with Bev's kids & grand children.

A PB - 61 lbs + from a French river. Benno looking a little jaded, with a "Silure" from an away day session.
Birding continues to provide a magnificent distraction from the challenge of chasing a split-cane thirty. No recent additions to the year list, I enjoyed a superb encounter with an adult Barn Owl, whilst sat behind the rods. Beavers, Foxes and umpteen other distractions have all added to my enjoyment of being out on the marshes. I will continue to live my life, yet unable to post regularly, purely because of the logistical effects of a major building project, and nothing more sinister.


  1. I think you got it dead right re. blogging - it's not something that life depends on, some people feel that they have to blog every day or else their "commenters" will all disappear. Me, I resumed after a couple of months and got one comment - from good old Steve and so that's probably me finished, can't be arsed with it. Enjoy Mallorca, lovely place if you get it right.

    1. Hi Derek,
      So sorry for this tardy reply - work and stuff just getting in the way. I produce my blog because I enjoy the experience of writing about my adventures and sharing them with people, unknown. I am the first to admit that comments are a very nice side effect of this effort and always welcome, good or bad. However, they're certainly not why I continue blogging.
      Sorry to hear that you are thinking of giving up "Letters from Sheppey" my advice would be be "never say never!" The bungalow is virtually uninhabitable, so Mallorca is a very welcome break. Seeing my grandchildren experience air travel, for the very first time, will be worth it on it's own, without the villa, family time and rest of our holiday antics. Birding will be a nice distraction when the chances arise - Dyl

  2. Hello Dylan- I love reading this blog. I tell you what, I'd give you a good run for the money on the blanking front! Last year, I fished a stretch of marshes and blanked every single time. This season started well, as you saw over on my blog- but it was blanks all week after that (and I went 4 more times). I'm tending to see some venues as having a 'window' for me- a period of a week or perhaps a fortnight, when I go all out and try my best- but after that I force myself to quit until another season- or move on to a different species. I don't know whether this is a temporary mindset I'm going through, but I know that having spent so long blanking last year (and previously!), I've decided to be more moderate this season; not be so tough on myself- and to allow room for some LUCK!!! I'd have done better this and last year with a more modern approach- so that's something for me to consider- I'd have nothing against a modern ledgering approach alongside my old floats- would love to, actually- but not knowledgeable enough... Any way, my absolute favourite form of fishing is perch fishing- and we haven't got long now until the traditional autumn 'start'- although I cheat and start in August if the temps drop early... Best Regards, mate- Gazza

    1. Hi Gareth,
      Cheers for the comment, always welcome. I am of the opinion that blanking is all part and parcel of our type of angling. Because we seek enjoyment, rather than technical efficiency, our approach is based upon how we caught our prize and not how big it is(was)? I have my own reasons for continuing with my pursuit of a split cane thirty but, am always ready to explore other opportunities should they arise. Nick had a 7 lbs 10 oz Tench last week, whilst fishing for carp - plenty of scope to widen my horizons as I cast my baits into the wondrous depths of these East Kent drains. Take care & tight lines - Dylan

  3. I love your blogging Dylan. I find it a great way to follow your antics :-).not much of an writer as you know but regularly read your posts. really enjoy viewing your escapades and photos. keep it up old m8. Hope your house update is done soon? nothing worse than living with builders.
    love to the family bob

    1. Hi Bob,
      The building site shows no sign of improvement any time soon, there is still so much more to do. We're hoping it will all be finished by September, when we're off to Kefalonia again. The blogging will remain very hit and miss whilst these conditions prevail, but I remain hopeful that normality will return with the completion of the project. Hoping that you, Wendy and the gang are well - all our love - Dyl & Bev