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Sunday 23 November 2014

It's not possible to blank?

As a specimen hunter, the term "to blank" is used to describe a session when no fish are caught; it is similar to a "twitcher" dipping"? Each, individual, setting out to achieve a target, neither successful. However, when a twitcher "dips" - they have failed to see a bird that someone else had found. An unsuccessful speccy hunter has failed to locate, use the correct techniques, and/or baits, to temp their quarry. Either, which way, both have failed!  If, however, I'd used the terms "pleasure angler" and "birder" the scenario would be rather different?

Dawn over the East Kent marshes

I was out of the bungalow before 05.50hrs and on my way across to the Worth Marshes. I'd not been there since Feb 2012 and I had no information on the current state of the venue - call it "blind faith"?
There is no direct road access, so I had to make my way, on foot, for a two mile hike - so when I arrived at the venue, it was no great surprise that there had been very little angling pressure.
I chose to start my efforts in the area where I'd enjoyed the majority of my successes three seasons ago - with a plan to leap frog the rods every 45 minutes. So it was - just without the slightest indication that there were any pike still present in the drain.

Looking out across the Worth Marshes - straight into the rising sun!
I have to accept full responsibility for the failure of my efforts, today. I only had three Mackerel - which had been hidden at the back of my freezer for 12 months - so was unable to ring the changes. I used tail sections on both rods, one dyed red, the other yellow. There was no effort made to add flavour or bouy the baits up - so I got just what I deserved.

I was equipped with two Duncan Kay's and Matt Hayes centre-pins.  I was there to enjoy myself!
If catching fish was the only reason that I got out of bed, then I would have returned home very disappointed. But no; I really enjoyed my time out on these desolate marshes. There was a massive arrival/movement of Fieldfares - I'd counted over 4,000 in the first 20 minutes; swirling in huge clouds over the adjacent marshes. An imm Marsh Harrier, adult male Peregrine, Stonechat, Water Rail, at least 5 Cetti's Warbler and a huge southerly movement of Wood Pigeons ensured that my time wasn't wasted or boring!
A Great White Egret was seen, in the company of a Little Egret, thus allowing the opportunity to compare the two species - not something that often occurs in the UK? Of course I'd have loved it if I could have put a pike in the landing net, but it didn't matter that much when there was so much more going on within my conciousness. How could anyone describe this as a "blank"?

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