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Saturday 15 November 2014

Back up - hardly running?

I finally made the purchase of my new laptop, a Toshiba - as was my last one, now find myself in a battle of wills with cyberspace. I had only just switched it on and was attempting to connect to the Internet when my McAfee security system was warning of major problems! I had all sorts of insurgent issues - how? A computer; but it doesn't come with the ability to compute and carry out the functions that I consider to be standard - a bit like buying a new car then having to pay extra for an engine and transmission system. I paid for the new Microsoft 365 Office, but was blissfully unaware that this new Microsoft 8.1 didn't have any form of photo editing capability - silly me!
I cannot get into Birdguides due to the ridiculous level of associated advertising that this system is able to generate. Getting onto my blogger dashboard was like a walk through the red light district of Amsterdam! Crazy stuff and a situation that is compounded by the fact that I've really enjoyed my time without a computer. All of these issues are doing nothing to assist my enthusiasm for getting back into the groove.
Hopefully, as I start to get to grips with modern technology, things will assume some form of pattern and I'll find myself a little niche where I am within my comfort zone? Until then, I am rather dissatisfied with the situation - I have also lost all of the data that was stored on my external hard-drive and the old lap-top. Clever techno-bods tell me different - but as a complete numb-nut I fear the worse.
Benno with a 2.08 perch from Sandwich Coarse Fishery
Debbie and Emily at the Halloween Party
Yes, there has been loads going on whilst I've been unable to blog. I'd thought it would be rather straightforward to resume the project. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I've got masses of diary notes and the draft for a rant (rather a good un) but am not sure that anything will come to fruition until I've mastered this new toy?

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