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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Ramsgate Spitfire Day

Emily, Harry and I made our way to a spot, along the cliff top, where we were in good position to watch the display of The Spirit of Kent - The Kent Spitfire Mk IXe TA 805. Conditions were awful and the pilot did his best under the circumstances - it was a real shame for the organisers and the assembled crowds that the weather impacted so negatively on what was a celebration of the 80th anniversary of the first flight of this iconic piece of our aviation heritage.
I had my camera to hand and did my best to get a few images - disappointing at best!

Here she is, parked on the apron at The Manston Airshow 2014


  1. Photos look bloody good to me. Looking forward to Herne Bay Air Show again this year, from high on the cliffs at Reculver

  2. Dyl, my late father would have loved this post. He was an RAF man who was stationed in Burma during the last war. He could fly anything but only a few pilots were cleared to fly Spitfires; I guess in the same way formula one cars are only driven by certain people on a racing team. No matter. One day a Spitfire arrived and he wangled the job of moving it from one airfield to another.
    Two hours later and a perfect landing he'd fulfilled his life's ambition and could 'die happy'. He was 20 years old.