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Wednesday, 16 March 2016


The vast majority of projects I get involved with are through choice. Some, however, are of necessity and far less enjoyable, although they do have "brownie points" as a spin off! At present, along with my neighbours, I am involved in a fence replacement exercise which has been anything but straight forward. Hopefully, it will be completed within the next fortnight and my accrued "b-p's" will result in consent for a couple of over-nighters at Sandwich Coarse Fishery?

This is what the garden looked like in high summer - there's an aviary down there somewhere!

The state of play this morning. The aviary now in full view and the fence line cleared of Buddleias. Still
quite a bit to do before we can get a new fence put up, but we're getting there
The feeding station continues to attract good numbers of birds, although the House Sparrows are a little flighty at being so exposed. That female Sparrowhawk seems to have cottoned on to the fact that the birds inside the aviary are unobtainable and has ceased crashing into the wire netting. I've only run the moth trap on a couple of nights - three species so far; Common Quaker, Hebrew Character and Clouded Drab.
She seems to have learnt the lesson?


  1. Magnificent buddleias, hope they've only been cut back to re-grow again. I wonder if us aviary types could request a license to remove Sprawks just as gamekeepers are buzzards.

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    1. I'd lay off the Moroccan Woodbine's and Polish Larger mate!