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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Life is good

Work is hectic, yet life is good in the Wrathall household! Things are starting to come together and "Easy Street" beckons! Bev's birthday, today, so a social itinerary to follow. New cars and old fishing rods to purchase - it's been a long time coming!

I've been searching through my lost treasure and have discovered some proper gems - this is the stuff of dreams. Digi-scoping was all the rage, then I got a D-SLR camera with a 500mm lens and yet, it is difficult to notice any improvement in quality of the end results.

Imm/female Black Redstart on our bungalow roof

The weather, on Thanet, remains inclement, to say the least. North - North Easterly winds persist with temperatures reaching 6 or 7C at best. Skies are grey and nights cold - so no raptors or moths to be seen. It will get better, of that I'm confident, in the meantime I will content myself with memories of bygone times and dream of things to come!

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  1. Eureka!.... Dylan, you bloody diamond!.... I knew there’d eventually be good reason for following your Blog (ha-ha)

    So then, for the last couple of years, a little bird has been the cause of much head scratching and limited research on my part.... Until now that is!

    Now I certainly don’t consider myself an accomplished twitcher, only possessing a general knowledge of our avian friends (being a lifelong passionate angler, an intimate awareness and appreciation of all things fauna and flora go hand-in-hand do they not?)... Anyway, whilst at work, I first noticed a totally obscure bird "song" from the surroundings of my office building (adjacent to the foreshore and an aggregate works site).... Regularly proclaiming over the last couple of years to me, my colleagues, and anyone-else in the general vicinity "what the fook IS that?"..... often heard but very rarely seen!

    Anyway, cutting to the chase...... IT’S A BLOODY FEMALE BLACK REDSTART INNIT!!!!!!

    Congratulations on the eel challenge BTW.... now you can get back to catching proppa fish with proppa tails! (ha-ha)

    ATB mate