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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Ancient with modern

I still have the desire to catch "big" fish and hope it will not diminish, all the while my health remains intact. At this particular stage along my angling journey I have made plans to use a pair of sixty (well, ok, fifty nine) year old split cane rods to catch a very big carp. I also wish to use reels which are of a similar vintage but, that's where my search for historical authenticity stops! Everything else I seek to achieve is going to be massively influenced by the huge advances made in fishing tackle manufacture and angling technology. This way I get the best of both worlds. I experience the thrills of using my vintage rod and reel combinations in conjunction with modern bite indication, bait presentations and terminal tackle that has been developed in the intervening years.
A statement about the eccentricity of an individual - not my ability to catch fish!
I happily accept that many will see things very differently - it's a free world and I have made no attempt to place myself "above" others as I set off on another adventure. Dead right, I think that modern carp angling and it's domination of UK freshwater fishing is a step backwards but, in a market driven society, people vote with their feet and carp angling seems to be winning that particular debate! Still, I can't help what I think - so I'll leave it there.
I've been with Benno and Sye, at a family gathering around at Dad's, and have spent quite a while discussing the split-cane caper and my approach. Both of them cast doubts upon my tactics and, perceived, lack of respect for the old tackle (as has Lee Morris) It's my game - my rules! I seek enjoyment from adapting an idea to land a big carp using a rod and reel combination which were manufactured a couple of years after I was born! I certainly have no wish to limit my chances of success by ignoring the huge improvements in tackle manufacture and reliability, focussed mainly on the actual rig mechanics and components. Let's not forget that it's only the bit in the water that catches fish - all the other gubbins is very secondary. In this respect, I am on an even playing field with all others who fish for carp. I know I've ruled out boily fishing, my decision, but I still have Peperami and Luncheon Meat in my bait repertoire alongside my regular particles, of which chick peas are my first choice at any venue. I will happily use flavours, enhancers and coloured dyes to give myself an edge, should I feel it worth a try. However, I'm not so silly as to ignore the possibilities of stalking, free lining, or doing a bit of floater fishing, should the opportunity arise - my options are as limited as my imagination in this respect. Hook baits could range from cockles and prawns to worms, maggots and bread! So there you have it - my thoughts as I set out on another angling adventure. I'd like to think that it will be as rewarding as have my pursuit of pike, barbel and eels, those previous projects which have been successfully undertaken since my return to "big fish" angling.

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