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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Nice way to start

Didn't bother staying up to see in the New Year, although the fireworks duly sounded the arrival of 2015 and ensured I was well aware of the situation, I had plans to be out on Worth Marshes early doors. This morning I'd left home just before 06.00 hrs, stopping quickly for petrol and some mints at St. Lawrence, parking the car by 06.20 hrs, finally arriving at my destination shortly before 07.00 hrs (after the long hike with all my gear).
Hedging my bets, so to speak, I'd chosen this venue, in preference to the RMC, because the birding, not pike fishing, potential is superior and bank side disturbance is almost zero - I can fail to catch pike anywhere, so I might as well go to a venue that can provide some decent birds by way of a distraction. Still unsure about the number of fish I'm chasing; even if there are any sizeable pike remaining in the fishery?
Thankfully I didn't have to wait more than fifty minutes before a bite alarm rattled away as a fish picked up my Bluey tail. A spirited battle followed before I lifted the net under an immaculate, looking scraper double (10 lbs 10 oz). I had no option but to photograph the fish laying on my weighing sling; my woolly hat providing a sense of scale. Birding was all rather predictable, but none the less enjoyable for that - the wind increased to gale force, before I left, and produced fantastic views of an adult male Marsh Harrier hunting the adjacent fields, coming within 30m at one point.
A handsome little pike - absolutely pristine.
I probably should have made a few measurements (I had a tape measure in my bag!)
A very welcome visitor to my landing net.
Well pleased with the session and the fact that I confirmed that, at least one, decent pike remains in the venue - as Arnie once said "I'll be back!"

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