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Thursday 25 April 2024

More "Sun-downer" success

I'd already written off my chances of casting a baited rig this week when, completely out of the blue, Bev's daughter rang at 11.30 hrs today, explaining that I didn't have to do the school run. It was, therefore, an absolute no brainer and Sandwich Coarse Fishery provided the opportunity of a short, sun-downer, session as a result. With little more than five hours at my disposal, it was a quick chat with Ken before barrowing my kit around to the same swim as I'd fished last Friday. As painful as that previous session had proved to be, wallet wise, I had caught four Carp from the area and now had a new toy which needed to be played with. In little more than four hours, the time that my rigs were actually in the water, I had three bites. The first saw me get completely "mugged off". I never felt a thing despite the bobbin smashing up to the rod. The second saw a small (low double?) Common give me the right run around before throwing the hook right at the net! To be fair, I'd certainly had my fun and the only thing missing was being able to give the fish a weight. I'll have no issues going to sleep tonight because of this loss. Finally I managed to convert my third bite into a Carp on the unhooking mat. A lovely Mirror of 16 lbs 14 oz was my prize and I was able to use the new (to me) image stabilized 18 - 55mm lens to do my self takes and I have to admit that I am well pleased with the initial results.

Another superbly conditioned Carp from Sandwich Coarse Fishery

I really enjoyed myself this afternoon. There was only one other guy on the fishery and I was able to do things my way without worrying about what my use of "The Bushwhacker" might cause. I need to prepare another batch of particle mix, as I was literally down to my last scoop when I packed up just before 18.00 hrs. 

Keeping it simple - my swim today
The gravel in the foreground is where my previous Canon EOS70d met its' end.

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