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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"Scamping it up"

The arrival of Evelyn Seren has proved to be a timely distraction - Benno and I deciding that a day off would be an excellent way of welcoming our latest addition to the family. With Sarah and her mum (my ex) in full control, over at QEQM, Benno and I decided that another new venue would be the place to waste a few hours before we paid homage to the newest member of our mob.

The venue was Marshside Fishery - neither of us had ever been there previously; Scroggins Lake being the choice. It is an intimate and picturesque venue, full of scamps!

It almost looks like I know what I'm doing!
1980's bedchair (Preston Innovations leg extensions) and Tring Tench swingers
Peg 36 if anyone is interested?
We had been fooled into thinking we'd be in with a chance of some decent fish - the power of the internet? The reality is a carp puddle full of small fish. It isn't an issue - we had a cracking afternoon.
I went equipted with two Duncan Kay's and two Shimano 5000 Speed Master Custom SM reels - fully spooled with 12lbs b.s. mono. To say I was over gunned is an understatement - it was like Man Utd v's Margate. I'll know better next time - it was still great fun, I took five small carp - the best one going 7lbs 9oz (the same weight as the barbel that I'd so enjoyed the previous day!)

A pleasing encounter with a lively scamp!
I'm always happy to get a result on a new venue.

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