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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mixed blessings?

I don't suppose that the Thanet farming community could believe their luck when, overnight, we had some rain. The cauli's and cabbages, that have recently been planted looked like they were destined for failure - the fields being more like the Sahara than "The Garden of England".
When I say rain; that's exactly what we had - a light, yet decent, precipitation. I wandered off to work, getting rather damp in the process - I had a padded shirt to combat the conditions. The day progressed, as I toiled away inside the Fujifilm digital ink manufacturing plant, as protected from the elements as any individual could wish for. My main break coincided with a cloudburst of biblical proportions - it was like God wanted to give me a "jet-wash". I only went across to Crustie's for an egg & bacon roll!
This was to continue, on and off, for a couple of hours - the factory guttering proving completely inadequate under the deluge - water surging off the acres of roofing in huge swathes; quite a spectacle!
The view from our kitchen door - Wood Pigeons descending on the flattened winter wheat.
They say that every cloud has a silver lining - well it seems to be true if you are a Woodie on Thanet!
Now; whilst the, recently planted, brassica crop may have been given a huge boost, the winter cereals have taken a massive battering. The field beyond our garden hedge is planted with winter wheat; this single day's rain has layed huge areas, resulting in an influx of Wood Pigeons that have descended on these flattened areas to reap the rewards.

Male Gatekeeper in the front garden - resting on mature bramble leaves!
It speaks volumes of my gardening prowess - who gives a f**k?
Butterflies seem to be on the up, locally, with three Painted Lady, 1 Essex Skipper, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Marbled White, 1 Red Admiral, plus numerous "whites" , Commas, and Gatekeepers, being seen on my walk home at 14.00hrs today.

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