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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I won't get many days to match this one!

It has taken a long time, in the planning; today has been a memorable one - no mistake! It started with me driving across to Ash to pick up my nephew, Josh. Dad had already left and Tim & Luke had to be at Prince's GC for 10.00hrs. Josh and I returned to Dumpton where we rendezvoused with Sye & Yve before heading over to Capel-le-Ferne, nr Folkestone. The purpose of this mission was to intercept Dad as he passed overhead in a helicopter accompanied by a Spitfire (his birthday present from us boys)

Mobile phone technology proved to be up to the task, despite the French interference, and we were at the Battle of Britain Memorial site in plenty of time. A pair of Ravens flew along the cliffs giving me the best views I've ever had in Kent. This, however, was just the warm-up act for the real deal!

Spitfire Mk Vb - BM597

Dad had lifted off from Lydd Airport at 09.45hrs, in order to meet up with the Spitfire above the Capel-le-Ferne memorial site. We were in pole position as the planes passed overhead; what a pity that the "sea fret" was rolling in. Dad has described the experience as "one of the most thrilling of his life" - so that'll do for us.

A superbly poignant sculpture - a lone airman looking out across the English Channel.
It forms the centre-piece of a propeller that is best viewed from the air - hence the start of Dad's Spitfire experience.
It took a lot of faffing about but, eventually, Dad (& Brian, his mate and taxi driver), Tim, Josh, Sye & Yve, Bev and I were all together at the Battle of Britain Memorial site - joined by Benno who was on his break? Part one of our day was completed - on with part two!!!

My eldest nephew, Luke, was playing in the "Junior Open" on The Prince's Course at Sandwich Bay. He'd teed off around 11.00hrs; so wasn't due back into the clubhouse until 15.30hrs (a bloody long time when you're only 12) We got back in time to see him complete the final six holes. I have to admit to being extremely proud of him, although his round wasn't one of his best. He is a "county" player for Hertfordshire, based at Redbourn GC (the village where I spent 8 happy years in the employment of Brooke Bond Oxo) I think that he enjoyed himself? Yet for one who is so competitive, nothing short of perfection will do - he'll learn (I hope)
There will be very few days that will ever compare with this one - of that I'm sure.

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