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Friday, 24 June 2016

History - in my time

I saw Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II driven down Galley Hill during some symbolic tour when just six or seven - It's why the road from Adeyfield to the Old Town (of Hemel Hempstead) is named Queensway. In 1965 I still remember the furore surrounding the funeral of Winston Churchill and just one year later, watching Nobby Styles, Bobby Moore, et al beat the (West) Germans in the World Cup Final - it is the celebrations after the victory that are most vivid - Harold Wilson looking on in total bemusement. A fictitious "Moon Landing", the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther-King - I can recall seeing The Who when Keith Moon was still alive; having the absolute privilege of watching the great QPR teams of the 70's - Rodney Marsh, Stan Bowles, times (we had five full England internationals - including Gerry Francis; the England captain!) when, if not for Kevin Keegan, we'd have been Div 1 winners! I remember the joy at the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the devastating scenes of 9/11 and the Twin Towers - there are many others.
Moments, in my time on this planet, which are etched into my very soul. Pivotal and incredibly intense, emotionally - they are a map of my journey through time. So we come to the game changing events of 23rd June 2016 - The Brexit referendum - "Independence Day" I have, once again, experienced a massive occasion in the journey of England, as a country, and Great Britain, as an entity. I'll come straight out and state that my vote was "Leave", but am fully capable of listening to any others who voted "Remain" - by being party to this democratic process you have the right to a voice - to that 28% who couldn't be bothered - "Shut the f*ck up" - if you couldn't be bothered, then neither am I with anything you have to say!
"Do nothing, Nothing changes!" It's a sentiment that I, can and, have applied to many decisions undertaken during my life. Not always the best decisions I've ever made, but that can only be discovered with the passing of time - hindsight; we've been there before! Is Brexit the making, or breaking, of the UK? There can be no doubts about the allure of the UK to other populations from Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe - our NHS, the benefits structure and welfare infrastructure must seem incredible to those outside of our borders. My personal vote was not cast to stop people aspiring to become part of our multi-cultural population, just if a migrant wants to join us then there is one very simple ground rule. You chose us - we didn't choose you! If you want to be part of our culture. then you agree to our rules, not bring your own.

Oh yeah - I did get out with the rods, early doors and missed the only bite (07.00 hrs) because I was chatting with Benno, on the phone, about the Brexit referendum result! There's more to come, of that I'm certain.


  1. Well said Dylan. I wish I was eloquent enough to compile a post such as yours. I voted out too like most of us who voted didn't expect the outs to win! I am now in anticipation of the future. Good init. regards Bob

    1. Bob, My voting out wasn't undertaken lightly, nor as a token gesture protest - I sincerely believe that UK sovereignty and legal justice system are of more importance than that. I am part of a very proud family who have lost members fighting to defend the essence of being a Brit. Those "Remain" voters and their political allies had completely missed the point when attempting to justify their arguments - two World Wars, massive sacrifice to prevent a German dominated Europe - only for the succession of light weight politicians, of whatever political allegiance, to hand over the very thing that was once held as sacrosanct by the entire UK. When Ted Heath signed to join "The Common Market" he could have little known what this federalisation of Europe would develop into - that same German domination of Europe that Hitler had envisaged (but without the anti-zionist extremes). It may well be true that Great Britain may suffer as a consequence, we are bigger and better than that. The fifth biggest economy isn't likely to suffer total collapse because of a single decision.
      As for all those whinging twats - "I didn't really want this to happen!" - grow some bollocks and move on, just like those brave souls who came through the ravages of two world wars and attempted to create a "Land fit for Heroes" - is bowing to the Merkel lead, hoard, how we repay their sacrifice? We're a proud nation, a great nation and should go forward, facing whatever challenges, heads held high. All we require now is a political figure with the persona and leadership qualities to unite our divided nation and take us forward into uncharted territory - Boris Johnson doesn't cut it - we need class not a clown! - Dyl

      P.S. Hoping all is well in sunny Milton Keynes? Take care and see you soon!