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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Weird fish

A pleasant session, on Sunday afternoon, would have been posted about earlier but for a problem with our Sky Broadband. Pleased to be able to report that the situation was resolved by a telephone conversation with a lady at Sky customer services and, after talking us through the process, things are now back to normal.
I fished the same swim as on Friday, yet things were very different. I only had one indication on the prawn rod, tucked in under the branches, which I promptly missed, just to rub my nose in it. My other rod was fished in a more open spot and baited with cubes of luncheon meat. It was constant action on the bobbins, although many fish got away with it due to my very lax rig mechanics. Carp, carp and more carp were all over me and helped themselves to a succession of hook baits before I changed to a heavier lead and swing arm indicator. I was using luncheon meat on the advice of another angler who told a three pound perch being caught on it. I have also heard stories of big perch being taken on luncheon meat at Tyler Hill (when it was open) so worth an experiment ? The outcome of this endeavor were a handful of carp/F1's and a tiny little 12 oz tench. The first fish was the heaviest and by far away the longest I've taken from the fishery. If it had been in good health/condition in a different environment it may well have weighed over twenty pounds. The sad looking individual actually tipped the scales at 9 lbs 4 oz and had the body shape of a barbel rather than a carp. It was so strange that I set up the self-take gear and grabbed a couple of pics - one weird fish!

Missing part of the lower tail lobe, this fish still put on a decent show.
In good scale condition and reasonably fit, there must be some genetic reason for its' lack of bulk?


  1. that is strange fish to be sure. Seems to be in proportion though. A grabel perhaps?

    1. BB - it's in a carp puddle - anything is possible with the mix of fish the club introduces.